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Someone Reenacted Among Us In The Sims 4

What is the true mark of popularity? Millions of downloads? Even more millions of dollars in net revenue? Or is it when someone decides to create your game in a completely different game for no other reason than it’s sort of hilarious?

Welcome to Xmiramira’s version of Among Us, which is actually a heavily modded version of Sims 4. You might think it impossible to recreate Among Us faithfully in Sims 4, but you’d be wrong.

Last weekend, Twitch streamer Xmiramira treated us all to an eight-hour stream of her creation. The game was simple: several Sims were impostors, while the rest are regular crew. Just as with Among Us, it’s the impostors’ job to murder the crew, while the crew is tasked with identifying the impostors and eliminating them.

The regular Sims AI would do a good enough job of making the crew appear like they’re going about their usual tasks, but the impostors would require some tweaks to turn them into serial killers. That’s where the Survival House mod comes in. Created by Sims 4 modder Kawaii Stacie, this mod turns any regular Sims house into a scene from a B horror film. You can set any number of the sims to be serial killers who will then randomly kill other sims.

All that’s left are a few houses that are modeled after the three Among Us maps, and another mod that adds a dozen Among Us costumes (including one for the Impostor). Put it all together and you’ve got Among Us Sims 4.

There are a few differences between Xmiramira’s version of Among Us and the real thing. First, there’s no voting on who the impostor is. Instead, the crew has to identify the impostor(s), and only then can they actually defend themselves. At that point, the crew becomes just as murderous towards the impostor(s) as the impostor(s) are to the crew.

Second, the crew can’t actually perform tasks to have an alternate win condition. They just look like they’re performing tasks due to the normal Sims 4 AI.

And third, the modded Among Us costumes can’t really wear hats. You can download a few modded hats that work with the costumes, but that’s about it.

Oh, and fourth, the crew/impostor(s) still occasionally start twerking with the music. Forgot about that part.

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