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Someone Made A Trombone Champ Track Out Of Liz Truss’ UK Prime Minister Resignation Speech

We've had quite a few abysmal performances in the UK recently. Brentford's 4 – 0 victory over Manchester United, the Pound value taking a nosedive, and of course, Liz Truss' 44 day reign as Prime Minister. As a United fan, I didn't think things could get as bad as the drubbing at Brentford, until Truss decided to step up and give Harry Maguire a break from all the ridicule. Her tenure wasn't much longer than her 90-second resignation speech which, according to trombone scientists, is the perfect length for a Trombone Champ custom track.

As spotted by Eurogamer, a YouTube channel named Gloomhonk is dedicated to Trombone Champ runs – yes, that's a thing now – and has created a custom track out of the resignation speech. Admittedly, it's not written that well, nor is it great to listen to, and adding a trombone to it doesn't help either. However, the YouTuber did give Truss a great intro and exit theme, indicative of her weekend getaway as the UK's Prime minister.

While it may appear that the player is absolutely on fire, hitting every note, the video is actually running on "Autotoot Enabled" mode – meaning, the AI is actually playing, and it's programmed to get a perfect score. Still, it takes a stroke of musical genius to even conceptualize such an idea, and the comments are testament to it. "This is high art! Thank you for sharing," said one, while another likened it to a "very disgruntled British man with a saxophone making an active effort to sax over her voice specifically to annoy her like in that trumpet boy meme" – a fellow intellectual, I see.

Expectedly, the memes about Truss' tenure have taken over the internet and video games too. For instance, people are discussing games they played that were longer than her time in office – Sea of Thieves, Skyrim, Destiny 2, all featured. Basically, any game that you've played for over 1,056 hours counts. Elsewhere, even Old School RuneScape took a swing at her, saying she should join the game as it's got "a fresh economy, where you can really make a difference!"

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