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Someone Has Already Hit Level 1,000 In Fortnite This Season

Although it started more than two weeks ago, it still feels like Fortnite Chapter 4 has only just begun. An altered map to get to grips with, and a number of new skins to unlock. Odds are most of you reading this are still working your way through this season's battle pass, and rightly so. However, one player has already raced past that goal and hit level 1,000.

That's right, someone has played Fortnite, and played it well, so much for the first two and a bit weeks of the new season, they have already managed to reach level 1,000. Level 1,001 actually, and let's be honest, since the original screenshot, which wasn't even boasting the four-figure level, was posted on Sunday, they're probably on a much higher level than that by this point.

YT RYZENSMINDSET, or just Ryzen as they're known on Twitter, is the player who has been credited with being the first to reach level 1,000 during Chapter 4, Season 1. In Ryzen's original post, they were showing off their 25 crowns, not their 1,001 tiers. It wasn't until FNBRWatch shared that screenshot and highlighted the level number that Ryzen got kudos for the much more impressive feat.

As you may have already guessed, the replies to the tweet above are a mix of awe, congratulations, jealousy, and insults. While some players have questioned how it's possible to hit a level that high in such a short space of time, others have asked whether the player has done anything else and recommended that they “touch grass”. Original. There are also a few others claiming to have also hit level 1,000 this season, some of whom have attached evidence.

It was only a little more than a year ago when hitting level 1,000 in a single Fortnite season was almost unheard of. The first player to ever manage it did so in November 2021, and unlike Ryzen, they posted video evidence of the monumental moment, at which point their squadmates all started celebrating. Perhaps XP is easier to come by this season than it ever has been before.

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