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Someone Has Already Beaten The First Level Of Hitman 3 In Less Than 20 Seconds

Anyone who has ever played a Hitman game will know that it’s a series all about replayability and player choice. You’re dropped into a level with only a handful of helpful gadgets and are given the mission to assassinate one or more high-profile targets. Over the past couple of installments, Hitman players have shared creative and unique ways to take down their targets as quickly as possible, ranging from as simple as a shot to the head and as ridiculous as killing them with a briefcase.

Now that Hitman 3 is here for everyone to enjoy, you may be amazed to know that someone has already set an impressive world record for the game’s first level. With some practice, knowledge of the level, and a sprinkling of luck, one Hitman 3 player has dispatched the first level’s two targets without being spotted and escaped all within 17 seconds.

As can be seen in the embedded video, the player quickly races to the balcony where the first target can be found and takes him out. They then quickly turn, throw a magnesium pouch through the window into the room where the second target is located to blind everyone, pops him in the head, and quickly heads to the level’s exit.

It’s worth noting that Frote7 is actually a fairly famous speedrunner of Hitman games, so much so that they made it into the credits of Hitman 3. Frote7 has even completed Hitman 2 in just under 20 minutes and also currently holds the world record for Hitman 3’s Dartmoor mission as well, taking out the target silently and escaping in 53 seconds. No doubt we’ll see the speedrunner earn even more world records later down the line.

The Hitman games feel like they’re specifically designed for speedrunners to play around with. There’s an almost endless amount of ways players can take down targets, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see the world records for these levels broken time and time again. Although, if you are going to dive into the world of Hitman speedrunning, be aware that you’ll likely encounter some pretty big spoilers.

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