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Someone Dealt 22 Million Damage With A Single Pistol Bullet In Cyberpunk 2077

People complain that the guns in Cyberpunk 2077 don’t feel impactful enough and that enemies can seem like bullet sponges. Well, those people just don’t have the right skills or the right gear to make even a humble pistol into a wall-hacking one-shot wonder.

We have Reddit user Aveeux to thank for showing us the way to dealing 22 million damage with a single bullet in Cyberpunk. Their video not only shows off their incredible build but also shows how you can basically turn Cyberpunk 2077’s highest difficulties into easy-mode by dealing way more damage than you ever realistically need to.

Aveeux’s build goes all-in on handguns, and specifically makes use of the DR12 Quasar tech revolver. This gun fires like any normal pistol when shooting from the hip, but aim down the sights and you can charge up bullets to shoot through walls and deal extra damage. And you can craft one of these bad boys yourself once you reach level 18 in Crafting.

As you’d expect, all of Aveeux’s armor and implants are dedicated to increasing damage wherever possible. A Worn Samurai Cap provides an extra 15% crit chance and 30% crit damage, while a Kiroshi Optics Mk.3 ocular implant boosts crit chance 5% and headshot bonus damage by a whopping 50%.

As for skills, it’s a given that Aveeux dumps most of their perks into the Handgun tree. Perks like Rio Bravo, Long Shot Drop Pop, Desperado, and West World all boost crit and damage percentages further. Grand Finale is another perk used but isn’t shown in the video (even though it could potentially double damage on the last shot of the magazine).

Maxing out Cool Blood just gives yet more damage and crit chance so that the end result is instant death whenever you pull the trigger on somebody’s head. And since this build lets you shoot through walls at completely unsuspecting targets, it’s a bit like cheating.

Check out the video above to see the build in action, and maybe consider specializing in handguns yourself.

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