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Solid Snake Voice Actor David Hayter Will Write American McGee’s Alice TV Show

American McGee's Alice is to become a TV series soon, with the original creator also involved in the production. David Hayter, who famously voiced Solid Snake in several Metal Gear Solid games, will helm the upcoming adaptation as a showrunner and writer.

According to what we know (thanks to THR), Radar Pictures and Abandon Entertainment acquired the rights to adapt American McGee's Alice series for the small screen. Electronic Arts' action-adventure series includes two games — the first one launched all the way back in 2000, while the sequel, called Madness Returns, arrived 11 years later. Earlier, McGee said he's interested in returning to this world with EA, while also developing the next chapter, Alice: Asylum, as a crowdfunded project.

If you're unfamiliar with the origin, the series is based on the Lewis Carroll novels, but with extra layers of blood and violence. The upcoming adaptation focuses on Alice's return from the trip through the Looking-Glass, only to find her house burnt down by the fire that killed both her parents. After several attempts at ending her life, Alice ends up locked inside a mental hospital, but she is summoned by the White Rabbit yet again — to free Wonderland from the possessions of the evil powers. Mostly with her trusty knife. Hmmm, dark.

David Hayter will write the script for the TV series. As a writer, the voice made famous by Solid Snake, has previously worked on a bunch of different projects since 2000, including X-Men 2, The Scorpion King, Watchmen, and others. Hayter said he's "beyond excited to bring this [Alice's] world of madness and wonder to a global audience."

The original creator American James McGee is also on board for the new TV series in an unknown capacity. In his words, "Hayter brings imagination, experience, and stealth sneaking skills […] – a unique combination sure to make this adventure into Wonderland a successful one for the franchise." McGee believes "the Alice fans will welcome [Hayter] with mad affection."

It is currently unknown where American McGee's Alice TV adaptation will premiere and when. But we won't see the series for a year at the least.

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