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Snakebyte Console Bundle Review

Snakebyte, the company famous for creating a wide host of different accessories and attachments for different games consoles, recently released a new range of products aimed at the PS4.

We got the chance to take a look at their latest Bluetooth controller, charging dock, and headset, dubbed the GAME: PAD 4 WIRELESS, the TWIN: CHARGE 4 and the HEAD: SET 4 PRO respectively.

So are they worth your cold hard cash? Let's take a look…

The Snakebyte GAME: PAD 4 Wireless I was sent is the all-black variant, although Snakebyte do offer the controller in other colours, such as Grey, Camo Blue, Rock, and Bubblegum Camo. The feel of the GAME: PAD is closer to that of an Xbox One gamepad, rather than a Dualshock 4.

The areas where your palms will be resting the most of the time aren’t quite as rounded as the regular PS4 controllers, but this is merely a tactile observation, as the difference in shape had no impact on me at any stage, even during longer gaming sessions.

The shoulder buttons, mimicking the R1 and L1 keys, feel a little less stable than the base Dualshock, and as such aren’t as responsive as one might expect at the beginning.

Once you adapt to this however, you should have no issues getting kills in Modern Warfare, or executing a finesse pass on FIFA 20.

Again, this isn’t a major issue after some time with the controller, but I definitely found my thumbs moving instinctively to where those buttons are on the regular Dualshock.

The controller has a Micro USB port, for charging purposes, and a 3.5mm headphone jack located at the bottom.

However, it does not have the lower auxiliary charging port that Dualshocks have – a feature that you may just miss, depending on what kind of charging dock you own. Speaking of which…

The TWIN: CHARGE 4 , Snakebyte’s own answer to a charging dock, is a run of the mill, what-you’d-expect piece of equipment. However, there is one glaring issue and oversight to this product.

It charges via the lower EXT port of the controller, rather than the micro USB port located at the back. Why is this important?

Well, it means that this dock cannot actually charge the Snakebyte controller.

It can only charge regular Dualshock controllers, or other third-party controllers that feature a bottom charging port.

Not quite thinking over your controller’s designs and features when creating a companion charging dock?

Guilty as charged, Snakebyte.

As well as the GAME: PAD 4 WIRELESS and the TWIN: CHARGE 4, the bundle also includes Snakebyte’s pro headset – the HEAD: SET 4 PRO.

This headset boasts a variety of features, including removable earpieces, a retractable microphone as well as extensions to enable use with a PC. sound quality is crisp, and exactly what you’d expect for a headphone of this price – around €30.

It’s good, and considering headphones are such a necessity in today’s world of online shooters, it’s definitely a worthy purchase.

Saying that, the microphone (while seeming short) actually picks up your voice well, and offered no difference in the quality of communication between myself and my teammates.

Overall, it’s a comfortable headset that doesn’t necessarily bring anything new to the market, but it’s definitely an affordable and worthwhile option for potential headset buyers.

The Verdict –

Personally, the HEAD:SET 4 PRO was my favourite piece of equipment out of the bundle, and I imagine I’ll continue using it for some time. The GAME: PAD 4 WIRELESS is also a notable mention, as its versatility to be used between PS4 and PC gaming ensures that it too will never stray too far from my desk.

However, the glaring oversight regarding the lower charging ports on the TWIN: CHARGE 4 means that I, unfortunately, won’t be able to charge Snakebyte’s own controller on it.

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