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Smite Adding Tsukuyomi, The Japanese God Of The Moon

Smite, third-person MOBA, has announced the Japanese god of the moon Tsukuyomi will be coming to the game in August 2020. Tsukuyomi is the 111th playable character to be added to the game and the 7th god in the Japanese pantheon.

The trailer announcing Tsukuyomi shows him facing off against his sister Amaterasu, the goddess of the sun. More information about Tsukuyomi will be announced during the Smite Update show on July 22.


Tsukuyomi is a ruthless perfectionist, demanding order and obedience from those who oppose him. His conflict with Amaterasu runs deeper than a grudge, as neither deity is willing to yield to the other.

The last god added to the game was Cthulhu, the first character in the Great Old Ones pantheon. Smite also recently launched a crossover battle pass with Avatar: the Last Airbender, featuring skins of Aang, Zuko, and Korra.

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