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Skyrim VR Has Advanced To The Extent You Can Slap NPCs To Your Heart’s Content

Skyrim VR's 2018 release was billed as a brand-new way to experience Skyrim, but fans found that it was mostly just the original Skyrim with a better view. Many of the sandbox features found in other VR games that give you a sense of physicality in the virtual world just wasn't present in Skyrim VR.

Three years later and that's all changed. Modders have taken Skyrim VR and given it added features that let you reach out and touch anything you can reach, from a guard's helmet to that sweet roll you've been eyeing at The Bannered Mare. Or, if you really wanted, you can just slap the crap out of Nazeer.

Reddit user BlackNair posted this amusing GIF to the r/gaming subreddit to showcase just how far modding in Skyrim VR has come. Normally, attacking an NPC like this would result in the guards getting uppity, but Skyrim VR requires that you ready your fists as a "weapon" before it's considered an actual attack. Combined with the new PLANCK mod, this allows players to open-hand slap NPCs without them becoming upset.

The PLANCK mod, or "Physical Animation and Character Kinetics" mod from FlyingParticle, updates Skyrim VR's physics engine to fundamentally change the way characters interact. You can slap someone, yes, or you can pick someone up and throw them. PLANCK also updates melee combat to feel more realistic and requires the player's sword to impact the enemy's ragdoll model before it registers damage.

Most importantly, however, you can actually pet the dog thanks to PLANCK.

You can also slap someone upside the head and said head will snap back to its original posture. The fact that NPCs don't seem too bothered about being slapped is in stark contrast to recent events, but there's always room to improve when it comes to Skyrim modding.

You can pick up PLANCK by heading to NexusMods. Note that you'll also need the SKSE mod (as usual), and you'll need the HIGGs mod, which allows you to pick up random objects in Skyrim VR.

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