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Skyrim Mod Makes NPCs Say Your Name Instead Of Dragonborn

Ever felt like your destiny got in the way of you living your life? Killing dragons and being respected in every corner of the land is one thing, but some people can't separate the hero from the man. Anywhere you go, nobody refers to you by your name, but only your title. Well, it's time to reclaim your identity – and guess what, there's a mod for that.

The writers of Skyrim were pretty smart when they made all the NPCs in the game refer to you as The Dragonborn instead of your character's actual name. This way there would be no issue, and the voice lines would be seamless. This worked perfectly, at least over a decade and 15 playthroughs ago. By now many players may be sick of being called Dragonborn.

That's why developer Dan Ruta created a mod aptly named Say My Name. The mod uses an AI voice-acting tool called xVASynth to create dialogues for NPCs where they will refer to you by the name of your character instead of Dragonborn (thanks, PC Gamer). The developer has showcased an example using the ridiculous name 'xX_dragon_killer_420_69_Xx' and it works seamlessly – although a bit weird.

"I've gone through and manually picked out all the lines in the game where NPCs call you Dragonborn," explains Dan Ruta. "I've then taken those lines and prepared a batch file that can be dropped into xVASynth, which will re-generate all the lines, but with your own custom name, instead of "Dragonborn". You just need to do a Find+Replace of "___" with your own custom name, in the .csv file (don't use Excel, use notepad or some other text editor, Excel has been known to break the formatting), before running it through xVASynth. You can then drop the output into the game folder, and that's it!"

However, it seems that the dev has yet to find a way to do the same for subtitles. As of now you will still be referred to as Dragonborn in the game's subtitles. It also only works with one set of game files, so if you're using multiple characters, it can get a bit tedious.

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