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Skyrim Mod Lets Players Join The Silver Hands

Skyrim has a bunch of memorable quests to experience and battles to fight, but most fans know the really juicy stuff takes place in certain factions. The Companions is one of the first factions players come across and has you fighting with a group of werewolves to take down the Silver Hands, a group of werewolf hunters that have it out for you and your buds. Most fans will have played through these quests potentially dozens of times, but have you ever wondered what it's like on the other side?

That's where a new mod by creator AndersonPaschoalon called "Dawn of the Silver Hands" comes in, letting the Dragonborn join the Silver Hands and take the fight to The Companions instead. It's not just a small mod either, as "Dawn of the Silver Hands" will take you on several quests that has you experience the same events that transpire for The Companions, but from the Silver Hands point of view. You'll help find the missing pieces of Wuuthrad, defend Gallows Rock from The Companions, and even take the fight to Jorrvaskr itself.

AndersonPaschoalon has even attempted to keep the mod as lore-friendly as possible, giving the Silver Hands more of a backstory as the game itself doesn't explain much about the group. In this mod, the Silver Hands are now an offshoot of The Companions that see themselves as the true holders of Ysgramor's legacy. If you want to brush up on Skyrim lore before you download this mod, AndersonPaschoalon has recommended a video to watch by YouTuber Fudge Muppet.

There are some thing you should know before you dive in though. The Silver Hands will be neutral to the player instead of immediately hostile, but if you complete the quest "Take Up Arms" for The Companions then they'll revert back to their murderous ways and that quest route will be locked off. If you want to download it and give it a try for yourself, the mod is available on Nexus Mods. Happy hunting!

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