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Skyrim Mod Introduces Starfield Connection And Teleportation

By now, almost everyone has completed multiple playthroughs of Skyrim. Whether it was to try out a new class, join another faction, choose another side during the Civil War, or to check out some new mods, we've all woken up in that damned cart on multiple occasions. Speaking of that cart, you may have, at times, found yourself wanting to rush through Skyrim's long intro to get to the fun parts; or wishing you could skip ahead to a particular point in the main quest. Well – say it with me – there's a mod for that.

Created by ImADoctorNotA, the Quantum Reconstruction mod for Skyrim helps you fast-forward the Dragonborn's journey by introducing a simple teleportation spell (thanks, PCGamesN). The spell won't exactly let you teleport wherever and whenever you want, but when activated, it will place you close to the next objective of the main quest. This way, you'll still have to complete the tasks, but you won't have to run, ride, or Skyrim your way up mountains in between.

"Have you ever started a new playthrough in Skyrim and wanted to move through the main quest more quickly? Perhaps you never finished the game and want to move forward to where you were, or maybe you want to unlock shouts before playing through some other mods," says the mod's description.

"This mod is an act of love that makes it easier to move through the main quest. After picking up a crystal on Farengar's table in Dragonsreach, you will gain the ability to teleport to the next stage of the main quest, expediting your enjoyment. Note that the mod does not skip the main quest but brings you exactly where you need to go to move along with it."

As for the Starfield connection? ImADoctorNotA says, "I made this experience Starfield-themed. On picking up the crystal, you are put into contact with your team in orbit, who gives a rundown on how the spell works, including not to return to where you teleported from, for sanity's sake."

The creator went on to mention that the inspiration for the teleportation spell comes from Dan Simmon's science fiction novel, Ilium.

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