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Skate 4’s Second Closed Playtest Goes Live July 5

The wait between a game and its sequel can be long and arduous. Any confirmation that the end is near will be welcomed with open arms. That's why when EA revealed Skate 4 would be coming soon at the turn of the year, 12 years after the last installment, fans of the series got pretty excited. “Soon” still hasn't arrived, but it seems the second playtest for Skate 4 is about to.

That's according to industry insider Tom Henderson. Henderson revealed on Twitter that a number of people have received emails from EA inviting them to be a part of the next playtest beginning on July 5. “EA is rolling out emails for a pretty substantially larger Skate 4 playtest,” Henderson tweeted. The playtest will begin on the morning of July 5, and run until 8 pm EST on July 8, giving testers four days of Skate 4.

The state the game is currently in, and what exactly substantially larger means, remains unclear at this moment in time. The size is likely being compared to Skate 4's first test which took place earlier this year. Leaked footage, which EA scarmbled to scrub from the web, didn't look all that inspiring or in-depth. It was a very early version of the game though, hence EA not wanting it out in the wild.

Henderson revealing Skate 4's next playtest is less than a week away backs up earlier reports that the next installment in the series will be getting some sort of reveal in July. Whether this is the news that leak referenced, or if there will be more Skate 4 news next month remains unclear. It's also not clear how long it'll be until a full launch. Still no release date, and just the promise that Skate 4 will be here soon, a promise that is now six months old.

If you're waiting on anything big from EA, then you're going to want to keep your eyes peeled throughout July. Not only will there be more to learn about Skate 4, but there also appear to be Need For Speed and FIFA 23 announcements on the docket. FIFA 23 will be the final FIFA game EA works on before the series undergoes a name change.

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