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Sims 4: Everything You Need To Know About Plant Sims

The Sims 4 has a lot of fun details and secrets to discover every time you play. One of the more elusive of these is becoming a Plant Sim.

If you are running out of fun things to do in the base game, becoming a Plant Sim is a fun experience to try out if you haven't already. You don't even require any paid DLC to do this. Becoming a Plant Sim requires following a few different steps that are not immediately clear, so we've put together a guide to what you can expect when you make this nature-themed transformation.

9 Plant Sims Have Been In Previous Games In The Series

There are many fun features and ideas from the previous installments that have yet to appear in The Sims 4, but Plant Sims are not one of them. They have been in all the main installments of the series, starting as far back as The Sims: Makin' Magic, where you could be transformed into one using the Beauty Or Beast Charm. In The Sims 2: Seasons, you could become a Plant Sim by using too many pesticides on your crops. In The Sims 3: University Life, you could become a Plant Sim by either eating a Forbidden Fruit or participating in science experiments.

As for The Sims 4, Plant Sims were introduced in 2017 during a limited-time-only Plant Sim Challenge. You needed to get magic beans from Plant Sims. You then called Jasmine Holiday to follow the magical steps to receive a Forbidden Fruit. This fruit would allow your Sim to transform into a Plant Sim. Although the challenge only lasted a limited time, it is still possible to complete similar steps.

8 You Need To Be A Level 10 Gardner

Gardening is a great skill for your Sim to have in general, but it is also vital if you want to become a Plant Sim. Focus on your gardening skills to reach level 10. Once you do, you will unlock Rare Plant Seeds, which you can get from the Build Mode. They cost 1,000 Simoleons and are needed to gain access to the Magic Beans you need to become a Plant Sim.

If you don't have time to get to the level 10 gardening skill, there are always ways to speed up the process with a little cheating. Press CTRL, SHIFT, and C simultaneously and type: testingcheats true. After that, you can enter: stats.set_skill_level_Major_Gardening 10. This will jump you to the required level and allow you to buy the seeds right away.

7 You Must First Plant A Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree

The Rare Plant Seeds will give you a random assortment of seeds, so you will need to buy quite a few to gain all the Magic Beans you need. If you can't afford the Rare Plant Seeds, perhaps use the classic money cheat Motherlode to buy more.

There are six Magic Beans to find:

  • Red Angry Bean
  • Purple Playful Bean
  • Navy Sad Bean
  • Orange Uncomfortable Bean
  • Pink Flirty Bean
  • Blue Confident Bean

Once you have them all, go to the Build Mode and buy a Magical Plant Sim Stump for 410 Simoleons. Plant the Stump and put in all six beans. Then, water the stump once, and a giant Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree (yes, that is its real name) will instantly sprout from the ground.

6 You Will Need To Find The Forbidden Fruit Of The Plant Sim

Once per day after 10 am, you will be able to go through the Mystical Magic Bean Portal Tree entrance and be teleported to a magical far-off land. Head into this portal, as you need to find the Forbidden Fruit Of The Plant Sim within it.

After your adventure ends, you will get a little text pop-up detailing what your Sim got up to in this magical world. It's a fun, mysterious scenario to play out, but it will not give you the fruit every time you go in. You might need to go into the tree a few times to get the Forbidden Fruit Of The Plant Sim. Keep trying until you do.

5 It Is A Good Idea To Plant Your First Forbidden Fruit

You can eat the Forbidden Fruit right away and instantly become a Plant Sim. But since this is a scarce fruit, you are best off planting the first one you find. As with all plants, you'll be able to water, nurture and fertilize the tree to help with the growing process. It will take about four days to grow into a Forbidden Fruit Tree. Once it has fully matured, you'll be able to harvest quite a few Forbidden Fruits.

You'll have a handy supply of even more Forbidden Fruit for future use, and could even make extra money from selling the fruit.

4 Plant Sims Have Unique Needs

Eating the Forbidden Fruit will instantly alter your Sim, turning them green and sometimes growing leaves from their body. This change isn't just cosmetic. You will have different needs to cater to. as you are now in a new life state. Beginners to the series soon learn just how vital Needs are for your Sims, from keeping track of hunger to their hygiene. This is still true when in Plant Sim Form.

A Water Need will replace your Bladder Need. You will no longer need to use the bathroom, but you must make sure your Sim is regularly hydrated. Taking a shower or using the sink counts towards this need.

Your Hunger Need is also altered. Instead of eating food, you now must go outside to bask in the sunlight. You'll soon feel energized and ready to face the day by being out in the sun. The rest of your needs will work as usual.

3 Plant Sims Can Communicate With Plants

Sometimes a Sim can be so focused on finding their perfect career or constructing their dream home that they have no time to socialize with their friends. Luckily Plant Sims have a great alternative to ordinary friendships. Just by talking to plants, you will raise your Social Need bar. This works just as effectively as conversing with an actual person.

Alternatively, you can also absorb solar energy from plants to refresh your hunger stat quickly. Your Plant Sim will glow while doing this. Absorbing energy this way will remove the plant. Don't worry, it will slowly grow back again.

2 Your Time As A Plant Sim Is Limited

Unlike other Sims games, being a Plant Sim is only a temporary state. You will only get five days as a Plant Sim. Once those days are up, you will transform back into a regular Sim. Eat another Forbidden Fruit, and you can change for another five days.

There are many ways for your Sims to die in this game, and as a Plant Sim, you now have a new way to perish. If you do not drink or wash in any water, you will become parched. Your hair will turn gray as you begin to wilt. If you do not go outside within 24 hours, you will wilt away completely. There will be a countdown warning you, but your Sim will suddenly collapse and die if you ignore it. Be careful!

1 There Is A DLC Alternative Way To Look Like A Plant Sim

There are a lot of Game Packs available for the Sims 4, from significant updates to just minor additions to your game. In The Sims 4: Cool Kitchen Stuff paid DLC, you gain access to an Ice Cream Maker. With level eight cooking, you can make the Plant Matter ice cream. This will give you the cosmetic look of a Plant Sim, but you will not have unique needs, such as the requirement to be in the sun.

Your Sim will be in the mood to go outside during this state, but it is just a brief appearance for your Sims. It is not quite like the actual transformation, just a quick alternative to try.

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