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Silent Hill Showcase Contents Leaked By YouTube Description And Tags

Almost all of the projects that are going to be announced at today's Silent Hill showcase have accidentally been leaked thanks to the YouTube description and metadata tags on the video.

Just a few days ago, Konami confirmed that it will be holding a showcase later today to reveal what's next for the Silent Hill series. The livestream has already been uploaded to YouTube in preparation for the showcase later today, but it seems that Konami might have accidentally left too much information in the data for the video, as ResetEra user Toumari was able to look at the metadata tags in the video's code to see all of the projects that are going to be revealed.

According to the tags, it looks like the showcase will feature the rumoured Silent Hill 2 remake, two new projects titled Silent Hill: Transmission and Silent Hill: Ascension, and a teaser trailer for the upcoming Silent Hill movie, Return to Silent Hill. Those three projects all have specific tags within the video, which seems to confirm their inclusion in the showcase.

There's another tag featured in the data for something called "Silent Hill f", but it seems to be a typo of some kind as it seems a bit out of place compared to the other games featured in the description. Just in case Konami didn't do enough damage with the metadata tags, gaming insider Nibellion pointed out that the description of the YouTube livestream even contains a random mention of Silent Hill 2.

One notable rumoured project that seems to be missing from the live stream is "Project Sakura", which had several bits of concept art leaked a few months ago. It's possible that Silent Hill: Transmission is the official name for this game as Project Sakura does seem to be its working title, but we'll have to wait for the full showcase later today to find that out. It's worth noting that a Silent Hill game titled "The Short Message" was rated in Korea earlier this month, which seems awfully similar in name to "Transmission".

For those unaware, 2022 has had several rumours of a Silent Hill 2 remake from Bloober Team, the developers behind The Medium, as well as a separate episodic game that seems to be the aforementioned Project Sakura.

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