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Sega Shooter Hyenas Suffers Alpha Gameplay Leak

A Hyenas alpha player has broken their NDA and posted an hour of gameplay footage online. That footage has since been taken down and Sega is scrubbing screenshots off social media.

An hour of footage was uploaded to YouTube by a user named Glitch3r. The footage was heavily watermarked, according to VGC, and has now been made private so new users cannot view it. Screenshots were pulled from the footage and shared on social media sites such as Twitter, showing several in-game characters and the game’s HUD.

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Hyenas began alpha playtests back in July and has held three alpha weekends so far. Alpha signups on the game’s official site confirm that a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) must be signed in order to be invited to playtest. Details of the NDA are not provided, but it probably prohibits recording game footage and sharing it online. Glitch3r is unlikely to be invited back for future playtests.

Hyenas was announced back in June as part of Summer Game Fest. Set in space after an ecological catastrophe causes the world’s elite to relocate to Mars, Hyenas sets multiple teams of three against one another in a zero-g shootout. The idea is for each team to steal “pop culture loot protected by security systems and hired goons on giant spaceship shopping malls called Plunderships,” as per the game’s official description.

The official trailer revealed a lot of colorful characters, guns, a foam cannon, a matrix-style shield that stops bullets, grenades, pop-up turrets, and artifacts including a Sonic keychain and a rubiks cube.

Creative Assembly is working to get Hyenas out with Sega's help as publisher sometime in 2023. Internally, Sega has referred to Hyenas as "super FPS game" and expects it to generate $900 million over its lifetime.

Another Sega leak is suggesting that Sonic Frontiers is going to have a launch date of November 15. That's according to a Taiwanese online marketplace which displayed an advertisement showing several pre-order items and the game's potential release.

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