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SEGA Drops a Free-to-Play Mashup of 'Yakuza' and 'Streets of Rage 2'

Fans of retro gaming will be delighted to learn that as part of SEGA‘s 60th-anniversary event on Steam, the publisher will be releasing a series of new, but retro-inspired mini-titles, all of which will be free to play as long as you download them within a specific window of time.

The highlight of the releases is no doubt a side-scrolling fighting game called Streets of Kamurocho, which is basically a mash-up of the original Yakuza and Streets of Rage 2. Developed by Empty Clip Studios, the retro fighter will feature Yakuza‘s Kiryu and Majima, as well as levels inspired by both of the vintage SEGA titles. It’ll even support local co-op mode, just like the good old days.

In addition to Streets of Kamurocho, SEGA will also be releasing three other retro mini-games you can play for free, including Armor of Heroes, a top-down four-player tank shooter, Endless Zone, and side-scrolling shooter similar to Fantasy Zone, and Golden Axed, a restored version of an old, canceled Golden Axe title. All three will be available between October 15 to 19.

To download Streets of Kamurocho, you can head over to its Steam page, where it’ll be available for free from October 17 to 19

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