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See The Xbox Series X/S In Action In Full Demo Walkthrough

Last week, we got to see what the PS5 will look like when you get it all set up later in November. This week, Microsoft responds with an in-depth walkthrough video that takes you through all of the Xbox Series X/S’s new features. Hosted by Xbox community manager Malik Prince and principal program manager Harrison Hoffman, the two boot up an Xbox Series X to showcase everything that the new console has to offer.

Starting with what everyone will see once the Series X boots up: the UI. Xbox One owners will find the Series X to have a virtually identical layout to the recently released Xbox Experience UI update, which was focused on making the menus easier to navigate while also standardizing the two console’s UI.

The big difference on the Series X/S is that there’s a dynamic background that lets you pick between several color options, as well as the new Series X/S exclusive features.

Like quick resume. This lets players stop a game, do something else (including starting a new game), and then resume that original game precisely from where they left off. Prince and Hoffman first started in Gears 5 in order to showcase the backwards compatible title at 4K and 60fps before quick resuming back to a game of Dirt 5 already in progress.

Another feature we got to see was auto-HDR thanks to Subnautica’s backwards compatibility. This feature makes the already colorful world of Subnautica even more vibrant with brighter whites and light sources.

The Xbox Series X/S new controller is smaller than the Xbox One’s and uses many of the same features pioneered in the Xbox Elite series of controllers, including the satellite dish d-pad and textured bumpers. It also has a new Share button that allows players to take screenshots and share them on social media instantly.

We also got to see the Xbox Series X/S’s new store design which makes it easier to find new games. Game Pass is a big feature too, and will soon have EA Play added to its growing library.

There’s more to see here, so check out the video above to catch every detail. The Xbox Series S/X launches November 10.

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