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Secret World Of Warcraft Mount Requires Dying And Filling A Barrel With Fish

World of Warcraft players are rather enjoying the ninth expansion pack otherwise known as Dragonflight, with the attention to detail and clever writing being much appreciated among the fan base. The latest secret to be uncovered by the community is really stirring up feelings.

This is the new secret mount, known as Otto, a slightly upgraded version of the Ottusk mounts in vanilla World of Warcraft (via Gamesradar). While players were aware that this coveted mount could be unlocked after the 'Way to an Otto's Heart' quest it was not known how the quest could be triggered. But it's all been figured out now and the process is a little convoluted (although WoW players will be used to it). Be warned it involves a lot of fishing.

One of the last remaining hidden secrets was uncovered by the WoW Secret Finding Discord (thanks EsportsGG). To begin with you'll need to have Gold Coin of the Isles and to get such coin you'll need to be lucky fishing. Or you can trade Copper Coins for Silver Coins for Gold Coins, which can be done by finding The Great Swog on the Ohn'ahran Plains. Swog will in turn eventually give up an Immaculate Swag of Swog Treasures from which players can find a toy called the Aquatic Shades.

After this comes some dancing fun. Players have to go to a hidden bar in the Waking Shores north of the Obsidian Citadel where The Dive Var is located. Put on those Aquatic Shades and start jiving away. You'll need to make moves on the dance pad for a full five minutes, after which you'll be teleported to The Hissing Grotto. Proceed to get the item called the Empty Fish Barrel. Of course you could also die and get an Empty Fish Barrel. And yes, I'm afraid you're going to have to fill this fish barrel with fish.

You'll have to catch 100 Frigid Floe Fish; 25 of Calamitous Carp; and one of Kingfin, the Wise Whiskerfish. Finally, players must return to the Hissing Grotto with their filled up barrel and then Otto the mount should be yours. Otto has been quite a hit. It even sports shades but only when the players wears shades so that's pretty cool.

For detailed coordinates on the various locations, the folks over at EsportsGG will sort you out.

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