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Sea Of Thieves: How To Get Scars

Scars are pretty rare in Sea of Thieves, which is why so many players are interested in unlocking them. They take a lot of work, so only the most dedicated pirates are able to add this cosmetic to their vanity chest. They are usually released with new updates as a way to entice players to play and earn special rewards by participating in new events.

Players hope they add more scars to the list in the future as they are such a highly requested item. Scars give your pirate character in Sea of Thieves and the ones you can earn will turn you into the fiercest on the seas.

What Scars Are Available?

There are a total of five scars available for players, but only two of them are currently unlockable while the others are unattainable. They were given during past limited events and as a prize for Season One, so unless they make them available for sale from one of the shopkeepers you will never be able to acquire them.

The scars added to the game often involve participating in an event or completing a challenge. Keep your eye on future events as well so you can always be one of the first to sport a new scar.

All of the unlockable scars that can be equipped to your pirate include:

  • Shroudbreaker Scar
  • Scars of the Ocean Deep
  • Bone Crusher Scars
  • Shark Bitemark Scars
  • Forsaken Ashes Scars

How Do You Get Them?

The only two scars available for you to add to your inventory are the Forsaken Ashes Scar and the Scars of the Ocean Deep. However, it does take quite a bit of work and dedication in order to receive these items. Once they are unlocked they will be added to your vanity chest, and all you have to do is interact with it in order to equip them.

Forsaken Ashes Scar

The Forsaken Ashes Scar is earned as a reward for receiving the Master Devil’s Voyager commendation. You will earn this after you have completed all of the Devil’s Voyager commendations.

If you don’t know what this means, you can earn this commendation by completing five Devil’s Roar Voyages for the Gold Hoarders, and then completing five more for the Order of Souls.

Once you have finished all ten voyages then you can go to your vanity chest and find this scar. However, this isn’t something you should do when sailing alone as only the most experienced pirate crews are able to complete these challenges.

Scars Of The Ocean Deep

Season Two in Sea of Thieves just began on April 15, 2021, and players have already discovered one of the rewards. It requires you to reach Renown Level 100, which means you have to become one of the best pirates in Sea of Thieves.

You can earn Renown by simply playing the game, which means plundering, collecting, and becoming an Emissary for various Trading Companies. There are also Trials you can complete that will give it a big boost, so make sure to finish these if you want to earn the Scars of the Ocean Deep.

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