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Scorn: Beginner’s Guide

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  • Brace Yourself For Discomfort
  • Keep Track Of Your Surroundings
  • Be Careful What You Touch
  • Get A Feel For The Weapons
  • Remember The Locked Doors

Even though H.R. Giger has long passed, his spirit is alive in well in the recently released Ebb Software game Scorn. The world of Scorn is haunting and disturbing but also surprisingly quiet. Told in mostly silence, your goal in Scorn is to lead a nameless humanoid figure through a maze of nightmarish facilities and a bleak wasteland in perpetual twilight.

As such, you'll need to feel your way around and use a lot of trial and error to figure out exactly what you're meant to do and where you're supposed to go. With that in mind, there are some things you should remember as you dive into Scorn.

Brace Yourself For Discomfort

Like with the Alien movies, Scorn will make you feel uncomfortable whether you like it or not. There are a lot of twisted visuals to be found in the environment, happening in the distance and heard off-screen.

This is not a game for the faint of heart, so if you get queasy easily or are very vulnerable to unsettling stimuli, then this game will be a very trying experience.

Since you'll be forced to make decisions involving violence and gore, mentally prepare yourself for that, as it's necessary to make progress. Make sure you're playing in your ideal setting with as much comfort as possible to surround yourself.

Keep Track Of Your Surroundings

The lighting and color palette are dirty and dull to go along with the art style. This adds to the atmosphere and feeling of isolation which makes going through areas difficult at times.

What makes it even more difficult is the layout. You're never given any real sense of direction, so you're left to find the way through on your own.

Unfortunately, both the outside and interiors are maze-like, with many winding paths and features that make them look similar. Whenever you enter a new area, take note of the most notable features or structures, and make that your starting point.

Be Careful What You Touch

Although the game has a feel somewhat similar to the peaceful and puzzling gameplay of the Myst series, it is still quite dangerous. There isn't much life around the areas you'll be exploring, but some creatures and machines can prove deadly.

There will be long periods where you won't be armed or will have a very limited weapon, so being aggressive is not ideal. Thankfully, a lot of harmful sources are passive and don't need to be attacked unless they're in your way. Health is finite, so don't waste it frivolously.

Get A Feel For The Weapons

Scorn introduces several weapons which you'll be able to carry with you as you explore the surreal realm. Despite how they may appear, they don't behave as expected, some of them acting as glorified melee weapons.

They all vary in range and firing speed which can be a bit awkward when you first get them. Because of this, make sure you play around with each of them in a neutral space to develop familiarity and be able to switch to the ones you want on the fly.

Remember The Locked Doors

Your first major obstacle in Scorn will be the many doors scattered around the buildings. They're easily identifiable by their faded orange lights and light-up panel to the right of them.

This means you'll need to explore the area to get a key that matches the panel's lights. If the key doesn't have the same lights as the panel, the door won't open, so keep an eye out for key stations that will add more lights to the key.

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