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Salt And Sacrifice: Complete Guide And Walkthrough

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  • Complete Walkthrough
  • Mage Guides

Salt and Sacrifice is a great example of how you can blend multiple genres together and create a fantastic experience as a result. Salt and Sacrifice, the followup to Salt and Sanctuary, is simultaneously a Metroidvania and a Soulslike, and it has a ton of Monster Hunter inspiration to boot.

Throughout the game, you'll travel to different areas, collect a ton of items, meet lots of interesting NPCs, and fight plenty of tough opponents. If you want to make sure you don't get stuck, use our plentiful, detailed guides! Here's everything you need.

Getting Started

If you've just booted up the game for the first time, here are a few simple guides that should help you better navigate the first few hours of the game:

  • Beginner Tips
  • How To Level Up
  • How To Play Multiplayer

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Complete Walkthrough

There are five regions to explore in Salt and Sacrifice (and a secret one, too!). You get there with the help of the extremely useful Mirrorgate in Pardoner's Vale, the game's hub area. To unlock new areas, you'll have to fulfill certain requirements, such as beating certain bosses or talking to specific NPCs. The walkthroughs below will guide you through everything you need to do to complete the game, as well as direct you to all the best secret goodies that you might have otherwise missed:

  • Ashbourne Village Walkthrough
  • Bol Gerahn Walkthrough
  • Corvius' Mire Walkthrough
  • Dreadstone Peak Walkthrough
  • Elder Copse Walkthrough

The aforementioned secret area is also quite a beast of its own undertaking:

  • Hallowed Hill Walkthrough

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Boss Guides

The walkthroughs above also have detailed strategy sections for the bosses you'll encounter in the game. These consist of detailed explanations of a boss' moveset and some general tips on how to beat them. If you're struggling with a specific boss, you can use the convenient links in the table below to jump to a strategy guide.

Ashbourne Village
Uryks Necklace-Of-EarsThe Green Huntsman
Bol Gerahn
The Hate-Cursed MatriarchThe Tireless Exalted
Corvius' Mire
Marega GredanyaSapblood Heart
Dreadstone Peak
The Two That RemainKraeaxenar, Wyrm of Sky
Elder Copse
Icon of PandemoniumThe Worm That Does Not Die

Spoiler Bosses

The following bosses would be considered spoilers. Open the section below to find links to their fight guides.

Inquisitor SeletInquisitor Amben
The Undone Sacrifice

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Mage Guides

In addition to the normal bosses that you'll fight over the course of the game, you'll also have to fight plenty of mages. Mages make for very challenging foes that drop materials that you can turn into new equipment, such as weapons, armor, and accessories.

There are 21 mages in the game, spread out over the five main areas. The following guides break down these fights based on where they are first fought as a named encounter:

  • Ashbourne Village Mages
  • Bol Gerahn Mages
  • Corvius' Mire Mages
  • Dreadstone Peak Mages
  • Elder Copse Mages

Every mage in the game represents the power created when two specific elements are combined. For example, the Electromancer uses Fire and Light. Some mages use only one element, such as Pyromancers.

There are six elements in the game, so every single possible combination is used amongst the mages you can fight. The table below displays the elemental alignments of every mage, as well as quick links to those mages' guides.

You can use this quick guide to check whether you're using weapons or abilities that the mage you're up against might resist or which elemental resistances you might want to buff.


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