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Saints Row Reshade Mod Gives The Game A Much More Realistic Look

The Saints Row reboot has received numerous complaints since it launched August 23, mostly targeting its performance issues and its open world. However, its visuals were one of the first things to come under fire, months before the game had actually been released. Many weren't pleased with the artstyle, which is pretty cartoony, perhaps in a bid to stay faithful to previous games.

Now, those of you who were hoping for something a bit more realistic are in luck. A fan-made reshade of the whole game is available to download now, adding more detail to pretty much everything you find across Santo Ileso.

The "World Of Saints" reshade was created by Nexus Mods user Scottyus1, and has already amassed over a thousand downloads since it was shared to the site. As you can see in screenshots shared by the mod's creator, the reshade not only changes the hues throughout the game, it also brings out more detail in most of the assets.

Feedback is extremely positive so far, and it's easy to see why. The changes appear subtle at first, but once you take a look at the smaller details, you can see that there's much more life in this version of Santo Ileso than we see in the vanilla game. Even if you're not a fan of the muted, less vibrant tones of the reshade, you'll be able to appreciate the added layers of detail it introduces. From the water to the vegetation, everything has been given a facelift.

Unfortunately, this will only be available to players who picked the game up on PC. Saints Row is also available on PlayStation and Xbox. Luckily, Volition has made it clear that hotfixes and updates are on the way across all platforms, so it's possible that further graphical improvements will be rolled out. That being said, the developer will very much have its hands full patching the numerous bugs that are still being discovered, as many of them are completely immersion-breaking – or even game-breaking in some instances.

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