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Saints Row 4 Just Got An Update After All The Reboot Mess

Saints Row (2022) was a hot mess when it launched. Immediately met with negative reviews from both fans and critics, the long-awaited reboot was full of bugs, and absolutely not full of anything fun to do. So, naturally, developer Volition is on the case – updating Saints Row 4, for some reason.

On December 8, all PC copies of Saints Row 4 will be upgraded to the Re-Elected edition, and crossplay will be enabled across all PC launchers. This seems to be an indicator that the developer is moving on from its reboot universe, instead focusing on the older games that are much more popular.

"We are pleased to let you know that on December 8 we will be upgrading all copies of Saints Row 4 to Saints Row 4: Re-Elected," reads a Steam page update. "This means that players who own Saints Row 4 in any capacity […] will have access to the included DLC packs."

These DLC packs include the story expansions, Enter the Dominatrix and How the Saints save Christmas. 26 DLC releases are included in the update, making this a good deal for anyone who didn't pick them up when they first launched.

On top of this, you can now play Saints Row 4's multiplayer with anyone on PC, regardless of what launcher they're using. It doesn't seem that this is possible on consoles.

While this is a welcome update to those still playing Saints Row 4, it is strange to see the game get quality-of-life updates almost ten years after launch – especially when there's a new Saints Row game to push. The reboot has, admittedly, received patches to iron out some of the bugs irritating players, but it's possible that today's news means we don't see many more. This isn't too surprising, given that the last piece of news we heard was that Volition is moving over to Gearbox, with the reception to Saints Row "not meeting full expectations".

With any luck, this update does however indicate that Volition isn't totally done with the Saints Row series – just don't expect anything new anytime soon.

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