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SadSquare Studio’s Visage Arrives On PC, Consoles On October 30

Visage, an indie survival horror video game from by SadSquare Studio, will be available on PS4 and Xbox One on October 30. The arrival of the game, which has been funded by Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight campaigns, was announced by the Montreal studio via Steam yesterday for PC and consoles for $34.99.

Currently available in Early Access, Steam users can receive the full release as a free update. In addition, those who purchase the game on Steam now for $24.99 can save $10 before the game updates to the new base price of $34.99 on October 28. Those who purchase the game early though should be aware that saves won’t carry over from the early access version of the game to the full release.

Set in the 1980s, the game takes place in an abandoned haunted house in a remote town where several families have been brutally murdered over the years. Players take on the role of Dwayne Anderson, who visits the home in search of information on the killings while trying to avoid the evil spirits roaming the residence.

Visage, which began development in 2015, features numerous endings and takes roughly eight to ten hours to complete. According to Sad Square Studio, although the game was “heavily inspired by the brilliant and matchless P.T., we also drew upon influences from classic psychological horror games like Phantasmagoria and from more recent ones like Amnesia: The Dark Descent, as well as from horror movies like The Grudge.”

As for gameplay, Visage features no weapons. Players must use key elements, knowledge of the environment and find a way to escape the entities they may encounter at every turn. In addition, in order to avoid being lured into the afterlife, players must attempt to maintain their sanity and steer clear of the dark side.

Just in time for Halloween, the release of Visage is ideal for those looking to stay safely socially distanced yet spooked at home with a first-person psychological horror game on October 31.

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