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Ryan Reynolds Attached To An R-Rated Deadpool Animated Series

Ryan Reynolds may be taking his Merc with a Mouth from the live-action stage to animation, as a new report suggests that Deadpool is getting an R-rated animated series. It’s not the first time the mercenary has been attached to animation, and hopefully Reynolds’ involvement will see the deed done.

Deadpool: The Animated Series was once a project helmed by Donald and Stephen Glover, who worked with Marvel to produce a series for FXX. Ordered as a straight-to-series in 2017, the American cable channel ended up cancelling the project a year later, stating that the decision to part ways with the Glovers was due to creative differences, and Marvel followed suit. There have been a few speculations regarding the true reason why the project ended – with Donald Glover mentioning racism at one point – but the katana-wielding joker is now in talks to return. The R-rated animation would be a great series to sit next to the Spider-Man and X-Men animated series from the 90s, but because of the merc’s swearing, it won’t be for kids.

The report comes from a respected adult animation website revealing that Hulu is in talks to run the R-rated series starring Ryan Reynolds. The studio behind the animation is Disney’s 20th Television Animation, which is responsible for Family Guy, The Simpsons, and Bob’s Burgers. State-side will see the animation released on Hulu, and other countries will most likely see it aired on Disney Plus’ Star service – given the rating. This project would also tie in with Kevin Feige’s previous statement which confirmed that Marvel was not working on any other R-rated content besides Deadpoool.

To add more credence to the report, Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld was asked on Twitter if he had heard about the project in question. The creator replied with the short answer “Yes”, but it was unclear whether Liefeld was referencing the rumor or the project itself. Reynolds has been tight-lipped on the animation as well, only referencing the anti-hero recently to celebrate the fifth anniversary of Deadpool’s live action.

The 44-year-old actor also turned his attention back to the superhero he played for DC, taking part in a Green Lantern watchalong with the Twitter community. Reynolds admitted that he hadn’t watched the film before, and reported that “it ain’t a tragedy” after his first viewing.

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