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Rune Factory 5: Leveling Guide

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In the daily life of Rune Factory 5, you’ll be taking part in plenty of different activities from expanding your farm or decorating your room to slaying monsters with swords and magic in perilous areas. All of these activities are associated with particular skills that you can increase. In addition to these skills is a separate 'main' level, which is associated with experience points gained from slaying monsters.

This level is a good indicator of what strength of enemy you can defeat and which of the dungeons or bosses you can engage with. Raising your main level in Rune Factory 5 is fairly easy, requiring a focus on combat and exploring dungeons. There’s also a variety of methods available for optimizing the process, which we’ve detailed below.

How To Level Up In Rune Factory 5

To raise your level most efficiently in the game, you’ll have to place some emphasis on combat. Whilst all of the skills in the game will contribute to your overall success, only defeating enemies will increase your experience and level in any substantial way.

Your current progress to the next level is indicated by the orange bar in the status section of the menu.

Therefore, increasing your level in Rune Factory 5 relies on two things. Firstly, increasing the number of enemies you engage with by regularly visiting dungeons and tackling bosses, and secondly, increasing your combat effectiveness by raising your combat-based skills, which will speed up the process of defeating enemies.

There are a number of ways to achieve these two parameters, but here are four crucial tips for speeding up the leveling process.

Explore Dungeons And Combat Areas Fully

The first crucial tip is to leave no stone unturned when it comes to the various areas that enemies appear in the game. Various rooms in dungeons can be avoided entirely, but to get the most experience and increase your combat level, you’ll want to defeat every enemy you can find; in addition to returning to these zones to clear them out multiple times.

Repeat Bosses And Tame Boss Monsters To Use As Weapons

Each boss you’ve previously encountered and defeated can be defeated again once per day. Simply return to the place where you found them to fight them again, obtaining crucial experience points as well as the items they drop in the process.

In addition to fighting bosses again to gain experience, you can also tame them to have them fight by your side, allowing you to defeat enemies a lot quicker. Tamed bosses have their own independent level that can be raised; fighting alongside them will allow you to effectively double your power and take on more challenging enemies with ease, which in turn will net you some more of that sweet experience.

Get Punching Bags

Although this doesn’t directly contribute to gaining experience points and raising your main level, having a healthy supply of punching bags in your house is an easy way to increase your various combat skills over time. Simply purchase one for 8000 gold at Studio Palmo, place it in your room, and hit it with your weapon of choice to increase your skill level with that particular weapon type. The more of these you can put in your room the better, as you can hit more than one with an area of effect attack.

Higher combat skills will result in more damage done, which will ultimately result in more enemies slain and more experience gained.

Keep Your Weapons And Gear Upgraded

Rune Factory 5’s many weapons, armour, and tools will be essential to manage as you get into the higher levels — you’ll soon notice that the most basic weapons become ineffective against the more powerful monsters.

Be sure to keep your supply of weapon bread topped up and eat one a day to unlock a new weapon recipe, which can then be forged at your own personal forge using materials obtained from mining or purchased from the local blacksmith. In addition, chests in the various dungeons and enemy zones will also include better weapons and armour, so keep a look out for those.

For more detail on all of the weapon recipes, read our guide on every weapon recipe.

How To Level Up Other Skills In Rune Factory 5

If you follow the above tips, you’ll be over-leveled for any combat encounter in the game in no time. In addition to your primary level, the (arguably) more important levels in Rune Factory 5 are in the various skills.

To increase your level in skills such as farming or mining or any of the other many skills, you’ll simply need to repeat the main action associated with this skill. As your level in these skills increases, you’ll get better at that specific activity, decreasing the amount of RP used and increasing your attributes.

For more detail on which actions are needed to increase each skill in addition to which attributes are increased, you can read our complete guide on every skill and how to improve them.

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