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Rune Factory 4 Special: Quiz Contest Answers

The Quiz Contest is just one of the many festivals that you can schedule and partake in over the course of the year in Rune Factory 4. It's a fun test of your game knowledge and a nice break from the oftentimes serious storyline.

While it appears to be a simple True or False game, the Quiz Contest has a few tricky questions that could quite easily trip you up. We'll list every answer to every question to make sure you get the first place prize every year.

The Quiz Contest

The Quiz Contest is a festival that occurs on the 13th day of Winter. It's one of the festivals that you have to schedule yourself by spending Prince/ss Points on an order in the castle's main room. Once you have done that, wait for the 13th to come around and you'll be prompted to register for the festival with Volkanon as per usual.

The contest takes the form of a True or False game with eight questions and you'll be competing against three random residents. You will get one point (or 'Porcocoin') for every correct answer until the final question, where you might end up getting thousands depending on the answer you give Porcoline.

If you get every answer correct, you shouldn't need to rely on the final whammy answer to win. If you mess up, however, you can potentially use the final answer as a saving grace.

All Quiz Contest Questions And Answers

The following table details every possible statement that may be asked and the correct answer. As the game tells you, move your character into the 'O' square if the answer is true and the 'X' square if the answer is false.

After harvesting yams, you do NOT need to plant seeds to further the crop.False
Arthur has more than 100 pairs of glasses!True
Bado will be rich someday!False
Defeated monsters are sent to “The Forest of Beginnings.”True
Fireflies show up at night during the summer.True
Forte's first love was her fatherTrue
If you use a sickle on crops, you're more likely to get better seeds!True
I'm going on a dietFalse
It's a question about tools. To chop branches or stumps, you need an "axe!"True
Kiel is a boy!True
Over 100 travelers have asked Lin Fa out.Both
Porcoline can run 100 meters in ten secondsFalse
Porcoline is the hero of Rune Factory 4False
The colors used for Tiny Bandage Clinic's sign are red and white!False
The hammer can be used to flatten cultivated soil.True
The object shown in the sign for Blacksmith "Meanderer" is a swordFalse
The Para-Gone cures “seal.”False
The sign over Porcoline's Restaurant is a fork and spoon.False
The two statues in front of the Bell Hotel are facing each other.True
There are individual baths for each gender. The entrance to the men's is to the right.True
There are six telescopes in Selphia: Airship Way!False
There are two golden lobster statues in front of Porcoline’s kitchen.True
Tiny Bandage Clinic was named by Dr. Jones.True
When growing crops, you sometimes see a spirit called a "RUNAY."False
When Nancy gets drunk, she can’t see anyone but Dr. Jones!False
When you are "poisoned" your RP gradually decreases!False
When you are “paralyzed” you can walk twice as fast!False
You can harvest pumpkin without the need to plant seeds again afterwards.True

Unethical Tip: It is possible to push an opponent out of the correct box by walking into them. If they end the round outside the box they will automatically fail that round.

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