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Rumour: Starfield out late 2022 & Guardians Of The Galaxy won’t be live service

Journalist Jason Schreier has hinted at some early E3 details regarding Starfield’s release date and Square Enix’s next Marvel game.

Now that E3 2021 is right around the corner, that means information is inevitably going to start leaking ahead of the actual announcements. For instance, it’s claimed Starfield (which has already been heavily rumoured to appear at E3) will receive an exact release date.

This comes from Bloomberg journalist Jason Schreier, who shared the info on the Triple Click podcast, although he chose not to share the date itself; only that it won’t be until late 2022.

Schreier had also previously claimed that Starfield would appear at E3, as well as that it wouldn’t release this year despite what others have suggested.

Considering Microsoft is holding a joint presentation with Bethesda, Starfield being shown is a safe bet, especially since there has been almost no official information about it since the original teaser trailer from 2019. It’s also been heavily suggested that it will be an Xbox and PC exclusive.

Schrier also shared a little bit of info on the rumoured Guardians Of the Galaxy game from Square Enix. Specifically, from what his sources told him, it won’t be a live service like the Avengers game.

The project hasn’t been officially announced but there were reports of it back in 2017 and word of it recently popped back up. There are no other details at the moment, but it not having live service elements will please those that were disappointed with Avengers.

Avengers has been struggling ever since it launched, suffering from DLC delays, a dwindling player base, and decisions that have only angered the players that have stuck around, like making levelling up characters take longer. So, it’s possible that this had an effect on how the Guardians game is being handled.

Schreier talked about a few of Ubisoft’s upcoming projects as well, which have been succinctly compiled on ResetEra, including that the next Assassin’s Creed game will somehow be even bigger than Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

It’s also mentioned that pirate game Skull & Bones will not release until later 2022 or potentially afterwards, and that Beyond Good And Evil 2 is still very early in development, despite first being announced four years ago.

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