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Rumor: 2K Set To Announce A Borderlands Tiny Tina Spin-Off Called Wonderlands

2K is reportedly set to announce a whole bunch of games during E3, one of which is a Borderlands spin-off title starring Tiny Tina called Wonderlands.

This news first surfaced on Reddit after a user revealed information on a number of potential upcoming games being published by 2K. While this list has an unspecified source, both Jason Schreier and VGC have recently revealed that some details from the list match with their own sources, giving the list more credibility.

One of the more interesting pieces of information on this list is that Gearbox is apparently working on a new Borderlands spin-off called Wonderlands. The game will allegedly star Tiny Tina and will be very similar to previous Borderlands games, giving players the choice between four heroes, each with a different class. A potential release date hasn’t been leaked, but the game will apparently feature during E3 this year.

While details about the Borderlands spin-off game are to be officially confirmed/revealed, we do know that Gearbox will release a new franchise at some point in 2022. Take-Two Interactive CEO Strauss Zelnick recently revealed during an earnings call that the company is planning to release four “immersive core” games over the next fiscal year, two of which will be from “proven” franchises. It’s been heavily rumored that one of these games is being developed by Gearbox.

Randy Pitchford, CEO of Gearbox Software, also recently shared the news that the studio is currently hiring for “the big one”, likely in reference to an upcoming Borderlands title since it’s the studio’s most popular property.

Also included in this list is a new turn-based action game based on the Marvel universe from developer Firaxis, mostly known for its work on the Xcom series. A potential title was not included alongside the list, but there will apparently be some big-name actors voicing characters in the game.

Even though Schreier and VGC have both given this leak credibility, it’s worth noting that this is still a leak from an unknown source, and all of this is still just rumors at this point. The entire list is worth taking with a pinch of salt and it’s best not to get your hopes up just yet. If the list is to be believed, we should learn more about these titles during E3 this month.

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