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Rollerdrome: All Matterhorn Stadium Challenges

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  • Matterhorn Stadium Layout
  • All Matterhorn Stadium Challenges
  • Eliminate 2 House Players simultaneously with a single Z-11 shot
  • Perform A Single Trick Worth More Than 2,500 Points By The Trick Token
  • Collect All 5 Combo Tokens
  • How To Clear The First Zone In Less Than 4:20
  • Beat Morgan Fray’s all-time best of 2,820,000

Well, we are finally here. We are at the finale. Our Rollerdrome journey has gone full circle, we are back at the Matterhorn. But instead of being in the "arena", we are now facing off against the House Players in the Stadium. And the Matterhorn Stadium is every bit as massive as you would imagine it to be. You will have access to super long grinds, tons of ramps, and, of course, a whole army of foes to face off against.

This stage is going to push you to your limits and see if you have what it takes to be the Rollerdrome champion. The challenges themselves are, suitably, pretty tough. Some of them may have you scratching your head. But, of course, we have already done all the head-scratching for you. In this guide, you will find solutions to every problem these challenges present!

Matterhorn Stadium Layout

Par Time6:25
Riot Guard5
Mecha Brut5
Total Enemies37

The Matterhorn Stadium is another indoor arena-style level. Of course, it is, by far, the biggest of these in the game. It features ramps lining the walls, and prolonged grinds. It also has a number of Sniper's nests spread throughout, and boost pads on the wall. This is a stage that gives you a ton of freedom to approach it in a number of ways. It really doesn't funnel you down a specific route, which makes it a super enjoyable, if chaotic, free-form experience.

All Matterhorn Stadium Challenges

These challenges are very aware that they are end-game content. Some of these are pretty uniquely brutal. The Trick Token challenge, in particular, is pretty nasty. Thankfully, we worked through all of it, so you don't have to. You're welcome.

Eliminate a Mecha Brute using only Dual Pistols in Super Reflex

This is easy enough, just use the Sniper at the beginning of the stage as an endless well of Perfect Dodges to help you enter into Super Reflex Time. Then, once you are there, blast the Mecha Brut with your pistol. It will take a few rounds of pistol bullets to destroy him, but you will absolutely be able to take the hulking mech down without too much trouble.

Clear the first Zone using only the Grenade Launcher

On the plus side, the Grenade Launcher is very adept at dealing with both the Mecha Bruts and the Stompers. So, the most troublesome enemies can be managed rather nicely. As long as you are using Super Reflex Time, you should be able to take care of the other mooks fairly quickly as well.

The real pain in the butt with this challenge is getting up close and personal with the Snipers and Polybeams which are all over this stage. The Grenade Launcher's range isn't the best, so you will need to close the distance. It is all very doable, but you aren't likely to get your best score, and you will certainly not be completing the stage in record time.

Eliminate a Mecha Brut whilst performing an Ickx Grind

This is a pretty simple one. You just need to land the killing shot while performing the Ickx Grind. If you like, you can do this right at the beginning of the stage (when there are fewer enemies to get in your way). Hit the Mecha Brut with three grenades, use the Ickx Grind on the rail nearby, and then finish them off with one more grenade mid-grind. Easy.

Eliminate 2 House Players simultaneously with a single Z-11 shot

A shot from your Z-11 will tear through your opponents. So, the best way to do this is to line up two enemies perfectly. Which, when your dealing with large arenas, can be a bit of a hassle. However, we have a little trick for making this challenge a total breeze.

Severely injure a Mecha Brut, get their health low enough that a single Z-11 shot will take them out (hitting them with three grenades will do). Then, lead them to another enemy, like a lowly Grunt (but any enemy will do), and fire through the patsy and straight into the giant, hobbled mech behind them. With the Mecha Brut's size, it will be hard for the shot to miss.

Perform A Single Trick Worth More Than 2,500 Points By The Trick Token

The final Trick Token challenge is, by far the trickiest. However, we ran it multiple times and have a pretty good grasp on how to complete it consistently. The Trick Token is way up, to your right, as you enter the stage. To get to it, you will need to head to the back right corner of the stage, and wallride up to the booster pads (which will then launch you up to the Trick Token). Unfortunately, getting 2,500 is not an easy task, but there are two ways you can do it: the honest way and the cheesy way.

For the honest approach, use your Backbreaker trick (down, up, and grab) and just make sure you rotate it as early as possible. If you get the timing right, you can get over 2,500 points (though it will be tight).

However, if you want to cheese this challenge, there is a way to do that to. Wait until you reach the phase where the Riot Gaurd appears in the area where you tend to land when performing the trick. Once the Riot Guard has entered the stage, use the same approach as above. What is the different? Well, your character will awkwardly collide with the Riot Guard below, and just kinda hover above him for a second or so. As this is happening you can just keep spinning for more points. This method works pretty consistently too!

Collect All 5 Combo Tokens

While four of these Combo Tokens are your standard fare, just spread around the arena, hovering above ramps, getting to the fifth token is a little more involved. The final token is way up to the left of the stage. High above the blast doors. In order to get it, you will need to ride up the wall, hit the boost pads, land on the platform above, and then jump into it.

You can approach this from either side, as there are boost pads set up along the wall in both directions. Generally, this isn't as hard as some of the other trickier Combo Tokens. That being said, it can be hard to get up here when you are battling hordes of enemies, so you will probably want to chase after this Combo Token early, before things ger out-of-hand.

How To Clear The First Zone In Less Than 4:20

Look all the time trial missions are brutal. However, you are given four and a half minutes with this one, so you do have some slack to work with. If you REALLY want to cut off some time, and you are willing to play a little risky, a good method is to let the Stompers come to you. Yes, that means letting them slam down on top of you and dodging at the last second so that you can hit them with a fully charged Z-11 shot while in Super Reflex Time. This method is very risky, but there are a lot of enemies in this stage that need to taking care of, and this method means you will be able to focus your attention on the other enemies.

What worked pretty well for us was to take out either a Sniper or a Warhead with a fully-charged Z-11 shot, then perform a trick to get our ammo back, then we would repeat the first step. Whenever we get a Perfect Dodge, we take aim at a Polybeam if one was on the stage, otherwise we would keep clearing out Warheads and Snipers. If we have a good shot on a Stomper, and are in Super Reflex Time, we will take that shot, but otherwise, we wait for the Stompers to come to us and dodge them. Whenever a Mecha Brut appears, we make sure to take them out as quickly as possible.

Don't intentionally leave Grunts or Riot Guards alive. You are going to have an endless amount of opportunities to get Perfect Dodges in this stage, and you will be slaughtering tons of enemies, so you won't need the health. Clear them out when it is convenient. If you find yourself on the other end of the arena from the enemies, just grind over to where the action is, and take out baddies with your Z-11 in the process. The Z-11 is your primary gun here and will keep you in the game no matter where you are on the stage.

If you play sharp enough, and keep a handle on all these enemies, you will complete this challenge. Don't be surprised if you have to repeat it a few times; as we already said, these challenges are a little brutal.

Beat Morgan Fray’s all-time best of 2,820,000

As has become customary with these final stages, we are combining the Morgan Fray score challenge with the Single Combo challenge, as they are so closely tethered together (completing one often requires completing the other).

Finish the run in a single Combo

So, there is good news and bad news here. The good news is that the biggest problem you typically face when trying to string a level-wide run together—which is that you are too far out of position to pop your next enemy, which causes the combo timer to run down—will not be an issue here.

Between having the Z-11, which can hit you foes from nearly everywhere on the screen, and the just endless, relentless waves of enemies you will be fighting, that isn't a problem you are going to have to worry about in the Matterhorn Stadium. There is even a super long rail that wraps around nearly the entire stage!

And the bad news? Well, the aforementioned waves of enemies are fully capable of slapping you around, which is a quick way to lose that combo. If you have followed our other guides for Rollerdrome, you will know that we have been preaching enemy prioritization for quite some time. That is never more true than with this game's final stage. Warheads, Mecha Bruts, Polybeams, and Stompers need to be taken care of swiftly.

Don't worry too much about leaving Riot Guards or Snipers alive. While in the past we would have encouraged you to leave them around so that you can farm them for Perfect Dodges, the truth is that you are going to be dodging attacks constantly in the Matterhorn Stadium, so you don't need them. They are lower priority enemies, but there will be instances in which one of the bigger threats isn't immediately available, and you will have a chance to take on these guys out: do it.

When you are in Super Reflex Time, you are going to want to go for Polybeams and Stompers with your (fully-charged) Z-11, as this is the only way to take them out with a single shot. You aren't going to need a route for this stage; just have your Z-11 ready, and be sharp with your dodges. Remember, if your combo is running down, you can hop on that giant rail and line up a shot with your Z-11. You really shouldn't have your combo run down due to timing out on this stage.

Once again, this stage really doesn't need you to be clever to get that stage-long combo, you just need to play sharply. Once you put everything together, you will get it.

Optimizing For Score

First and foremost, that super long grind that takes you around the entire level means that you should be using every single grinding trick in your repertoire. You will squeeze out massive points on those alone. You are also going to want to work in those Combo Tokens. Most of them are pretty easy to get, it is just the one that is danging way up above the blast doors that you need to worry about. For that one, try making it a focus during the early part of your run.

Beyond that, whenever there is a lull in the Snipers and Polybeams, you should be using your grab tricks. As per usual, we are going to keep some Grunts around for the final stretch, that way we can use them to pad out our kills and get some final big tricks in near the end (uninterrupted). At this point, you probably know the whole song and dance. You won't need to be even close to perfect to shoot past Morgan Fray's score by about a million points.

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