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Rogue Build And Gameplay Guide – Dark And Darker

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  • Rogue Class Overview
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  • Rogue Gameplay Tips

The Rogue is the sneaky class in Dark And Darker. Confined to the shadows and armed with a dagger, you're not likely to start a fight head-on with an enemy, but prowl in the dark and wait for an ambush. It's an extremely fun class and our pick for one of the best solo classes in the game, although that is open to interpretation.

This guide covers the best Rogue builds (perks, abilities, and gear), as well as general gameplay tips and how to get started with the class.

This information is based on the December 2022 playtest 3 for the game. We will update this guide for future playtests and for the release of the game.

Rogue Class Overview

The Rogue is a fast, sneaky class with the ability to go entirely invisible. If prowling around in the shadows and stabbing enemies in the back sounds like fun, the Rogue is for you. Beware, though, because if you get caught out you will die quickly as a Rogue.

  • Pros
    • Really fast, the fastest base class in the game
    • Good variety of Damage Over Time debuffs to apply to enemies
    • Can go completely invisible
  • Cons
    • You will die to Mosquito bites (and lots of other things)
    • Lowest health pool of any class
    • Here's a look at the Rogue's perks and abilities.

      Rogue Perks And Abilities



      First attack after coming out of stealth deals 50% extra damage


      30% damage boost if you hit an enemy in the back


      Your footsteps are even quieter while walking and crouching

      Dagger Expert

      5% extra physical damage with daggers

      Hidden Pockets

      Potions are invisible on your tool belt

      Lockpick Expert

      You can pick locks without having a lockpick

      Poisoned Weapon

      Your attacks inflict a poison debuff for 4s, this stacks up to 5 times


      While hiding, you can move 10 steps crouching or walking and stay in stealth

      Trap Detection

      Highlights traps nearby, allows you to disable traps



      Turns you completely invisible – ends when you move/completely another action


      Your next attack causes bleed, deals 20 physical damage over the course of five seconds

      Smoke Bomb

      Creates a smoke diversion (big cloud of grey smoke) for 7 and a half seconds

      Weakpoint Attack

      Your next attack deals 50% extra damage and reduces enemy defense for 50% for a short period

      At the base level, level 0, you can only take one perk. New perks are unlocked at level 5, 10, and 15.

      Starter Rogue Perks And Abilities

      For a starter Rogue build, you should take the Poisoned Weapon perk as it's probably one of the best (if not the best) passive skills for the Rogue.

      As for abilities, we think that Rupture and Weakpoint Attack are the most reliable and the most effective at doing what Rogues do best: killing enemies in the dark.

      Hide and Smoke Bomb are situationally effective, but we still think pure damage is superior.

      Max Level Rogue Build

      When you've hit level 20 and started to think about the best build for the Rogue, you will be able to pick up four perks.

      Here's what a sample Rogue build might look like.



      Poisoned Weapon



      Weakpoint Attack

      Trap Detection


      We've opted to keep Rupture and Weakpoint Attack as our go-to Rogue abilities.

      In terms of perks, we've picked up Poisoned Weapon, Backstab, Trap Detection, and Creep. Here's why.

      • Poisoned Weapon – As explained above, we think this is hands-down one of the better Rogue passives. Constant, ticking poison damage with every attack? And it stacks? Perfect!
      • Backstab – Excellent pick as it's consistent damage if you're attacking your enemy in the back – with Rogue's high movement speed you can reposition in fights to constantly hit the back.
      • Trap Detection – This was a toss-up between Lockpick and Traps. Both are viable – in a party you might want to take Lockpick, but for solo, Trap Detection is very useful.
      • Creep – Footsteps and sound are king in Dark And Darker. Creep makes you even quieter and hopefully gives you that sneaky drop on an enemy.

      Best Rogue Gear To Look Out For

      Rogues can feel pretty limited in their gear choices – they only wear cloth and leather armor and can only wield daggers, sometimes a rapier.

      • You can wear a Gambeson or the Rogue set (called the Marauder outfit), both are viable.
      • Daggers are your first choice and what you start out with – Rapiers come later. Rapiers are slower but offer a bit better range and damage.
      • Gear with + movement speed is a great choice. This plays to your class' strengths.

      Rogue Gameplay Tips

      • We have the Rogue down as one of the best solo classes in the game because their sneaky abilities to get in, loot, kill an enemy or two, and then extract.
      • You won't be swinging through enemies and cleaving heads with the Rogue, though. It's a very difficult class to PvP with against multiple players. The best bet is to just run.
      • You have no sustain as a Rogue, so make sure to take HP pots or Bandages and remember where Health Shrines are.
      • Choose your fights wisely. Play to your strengths in the dark/backstabs/poison tick damage.

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