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Roblox: What Is The Desert Update In Adopt Me?

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  • When Will the Desert Update Return?
  • Where To Find The Desert Shop
  • Available Pets
  • Available Items

The Desert Update in Adopt Me! is a unique event that dries up the river and turns the entire map into a golden desert. If you are new to this Roblox game, you may not know what the Desert Update offers, but we are here to help.

In this guide, we are going to take a look at what the Desert Update is, as well as what you can do during this limited amount of time. First, let's look at the Desert Update schedule.

When Will the Desert Update Return?

The Desert Update begins on the 15th of every month and lasts for 36 hours. This means that it will be active for about a day and a half. If you missed the Desert Update, you can wait until the following month to see it again.

You can check when the Desert Update will next happen from the board on Adoption Island. Here, you can see all the upcoming weather events, with the Desert Update marked with a cactus.

Where To Find The Desert Shop

When the Desert Update is occurring, you can find the Desert Shop located behind the school. This area will not have water in it, allowing you to walk on the sandy riverbed and enter the shop.

Available Pets

During the Desert Update, you can obtain several unique pets from inside the Desert Shop. By spending 750 bucks, you will be able to purchase the Abyssinian Cat; this is a rare quality pet.

By spending 199 Robux, you can also purchase a Mud Ball. This is used to tame Giant Scarabs.

Using The Mud Ball

To use a Mud Ball, all you need to do is equip and throw it within the shop. Soon, scarabs will approach, and you will obtain one of the following three scarab types.

  • Giant Gold Scarab
    • Legendary (2.5 percent chance to obtain)
  • Giant Blue Scarab
    • Ultra-Rare (37.5 percent chance to obtain)
    • Giant Black Scarab
      • Ultra-Rare (60 percent chance to obtain)
      • Available Items

        Lastly, let's take a look at the items that you can purchase from the Desert Shop.

        KnafehFood2 Bucks
        Pyramids BadgePet Accessory50 Bucks
        Cactus FriendToy95 Bucks
        Lotus EarringsPet Accessory250 Bucks
        Crook Throw ToyToy250 Bucks
        Desert DrumToy450 Bucks
        Eye of hours MonoclePet Accessory500 Bucks
        WesekhPet Accessory550 Bucks
        Gold Crown with SapphirePet Accessory600 Bucks
        Cactus BalloonToy800 Bucks
        Anhk PogostickToy995 Bucks
        Egyptian Chariot StrollerStroller1,200 Bucks
        Sun WingsPet Accessory1,600 Bucks
        NemesPet Accessory1,850 Bucks
        LandsailerVehicle3,000 Buck
        TriremeVehicle3,000 Bucks
        Scarab Crossbow Grappling HookToy5,000 Bucks

        That's all there is to know about the Desert Update. Be sure to save up your money to buy these exclusive items!

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