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Roblox: How To Get Mythril In Mining Simulator 2

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Out of a wide variety of ores in Roblox Mining Simulator 2, Mythril is an extremely important one. This is a green shimmering ore and is actually the second shiny ore that you can find in the game, followed by Diamond. The game offers a wide array of ores depending on how deep you are in a certain mine.

As you progress in the game, you will definitely feel the need to acquire Mythril as it is required to Enchant your bag, your tool, and upgrade the Spaceship. Other than that, this ore sells for a pretty good amount, and it can get you some fast earnings as well.

Where To Find Mythril

There are two main regions where you can mine your heart out in Mining Simulator 2. These are The Overworld and Cyber Galaxy. To get to Cyber Galaxy, you first need to farm a total of a million blocks in The Overworld and then upgrade the Spaceship to be able to Space Travel.

Mythril is one among the many requirements for the upgrade, and you'll require a total of 40 of this ore. To find Mythril, you will need to go significantly deep into the mines of The Overworld, which is divided into seven parts. Once you unlock a certain outpost/section, you can directly teleport to it from the surface.

Mythril starts appearing at around the depth of 1,100 meters which is just above the Molten Core outpost. Once you start digging down below Molten Core, you will start seeing Mythril more commonly. The recommended place to start digging and looking for this ore starts from The Underworld.

Even though you can get to Molten Core at the very start if you find someone else's path, you can't start mining Mythril instantly – it requires a special tool called the Super Drill, or a better version of the Super Drill, to farm.

How To Farm Mythril Fast

The developers knew what they were doing with the design of this game, and they made some things particularly hard to acquire, for example, a rare ore like Mythril. But, there are a few ways you can get the required amount faster. Over 100 of these ores are required for some enchantments, so these methods will definitely help.

Firstly, even though these are required for enchantments, you can enchant the Ore Duplicator on your tool, which doesn't require any Mythril. This will get you more than one ore every time you farm a block, depending on your level of enchantment.

Moreover, you can use a little trick to locate the nearby Mythril. For this, you need to first reach the required outpost, Molten Core. Once you're there, dig down for around 20 blocks and then mine a block on any of your sides. Squeeze yourself into this block and zoom the screen out as much as possible.

This will give you a general overview of the blocks in the area, but it only shows the blocks around the path that someone has already mined. If you get lucky, you can use this to create a path to the nearest Mythril and mine it.

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