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Roblox codes: Latest active Roblox promo codes for June 2020

Roblox promo codes for June 2020 are now live, offering Roblox users the chance to get a whole host of new gear for free. Roblox has a huge and ever growing selection of games to keep you busy and provide entertainment while scores of people are staying indoors these days. But that’s just one side to the huge online community – another great thing about Roblox is the way you can customise your character just the way you like it.

The only problem with this is getting some new gear to kit out your avatar can set you back a fair few Robux.

This is where Roblox promo codes come into play as once redeemed they offer players in-game items entirely for free.

If you’re on the hunt for active Roblox promo codes then don’t worry, Express.co.uk is here to help.

We have a list of Roblox promo codes that at the time of writing (April 12) are active and can be redeemed.


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Here are the Roblox promo codes that you can use right now and the rewards they offer.


• Black Prince Succulent (Accessory > Hat): JOUECLUBHEADPHONES2020

• Spider Cola (Accessory > Shoulder): SPIDERCOLA

“Look out! Here comes the spider can.”

• The Bird Says____. (Accessory > Shoulder): TWEETROBLOX

“A little bird told me if you follow ROBLOX on twitter you might receive a special code for this exclusive item.”

Details on the available Roblox promo codes for April 2020 were revealed in a post online by Pro Game Guides.

The news comes as Roblox users have been sharing how Roblox has been a lifeline for them and how the community has positively impacted their lives.

Roblox users came forward to share these stories for Mental Health Awareness Month in May, with some of these comments highlighted in a post on the Roblox website.

One of those Roblox users who shared their story was Ashley, who has been through different identity phases.

Ashley said: “I can be accepted for who I am [on Roblox], which is truly empowering.”

While Quazar, who created the world of Vision Park, said he wants to help those who “feel outcasted” by providing them with “a colorful world to escape to”.

He says he’s “able to reach more people than he could ever have thought possible”.

Another Roblox user who came forward was 12-year-old Luke, who became one of the Global Gaming Citizens honoured at last year’s Game Awards event.

This was for his Roblox game Let’s Be Well, which was created following his father’s suicide as a way to de-stigmatise depression.

The game has impacted many of his peers in a positive way.

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