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Resident Evil Village: How To Complete The Bell Puzzle In Dimitrescu Castle

The Atelier is a special room in Resident Evil Village on the upmost floor of the Dimitrescu Castle. Finding it will reward you with more than just free loot. You’ll also find another angel mask, a new gun, and a new area to explore. This room contains a small puzzle that will unlock the latter two.

Upon entering the Atelier there will be a painting on an easel with a note attached. TheĀ  note will say, “Let the five bells of this chamber ring out.” There are five bells in this room. You must shoot each one of them, in no particular order, to unlock the entrance to the attic in this castle. Here’s where to find them.

Location Of The Atelier Puzzle And Third Mask

  • Tip: To find this room you need to have unlocked the door to the Courtyard and explored a bit.

Once in the Courtyard for the first time, there’s only one other door you can enter for now. Going through this door will allow you to find and follow Lady Dimitrescu.

After doing this you’ll find yourself in her room and will have found the Dimitrescu Key. This unlocks any golden door that has the same symbol the key does on it. Going downstairs you’ll find a piano puzzle that will unlock another special key, the Iron Key.

  • To get to the Atelier, you’ll need both these keys.

Once you’ve completely explored this area, you can now unlock the other door in the Courtyard. This door requires the Dimitrescu Key and takes you to the Opera House for another mini boss fight with one of the daughters.

  • Tip: The key here is to pull the lever attached to one of the beams in the center, releasing cold air.

Once you’ve defeated the daughter, continue through to the next room. This is where you’ll find the hallway with both the third angel mask and the door to the atelier, which contains the bell puzzle and attic entrance.

Bell Number One

The first bell will be right in front of you which makes this easy to start. All you have to do is hit it or shoot it, which will sound the bell and light a flame above it.

You’ll know if you’ve hit all the bells correctly by this small flame.

Bell Number Two

This bell is the trickiest to shoot or even find because it’s swinging swiftly back and forth behind some cogs.

It’s directly in front of you, but you have to patiently wait for a good opening to shoot it while it’s visible.

Bell Number Three

Easy to miss for its size, there’s also a tiny bell above the shelving dresser behind you. If entering the room, this is directly to the right.

Shoot this, releasing a small flame above it, to continue the puzzle.

Bell Number Four

The next bell is actually outside. There’s a short staircase in this room. Walk all the way up it to get in view of this bell.

You’ll have to shoot twice. Once to break the glass and another to actually hit the bell and activate it.

Bell Number Five

The last bell will be hiding inside the chandelier on the ceiling. To get the best view, stand in the middle of the short staircase.

You may be able to see a peek of it, but to gain full view, simply shoot at the base of the chandelier. This will make it sway backward, fully revealing the last bell you need to shoot.

After shooting all five bells, the large painting of Lady Dimitrescu will start to move. This reveals a secret passageway to her attic. At your feet to your direct left should be some loot. To your right will be the ladder up.

The attic will contain loot, one zombie, and an important note. This note details that there indeed is a way to put an end to Lady Dimitrescu’s life and that she is not ever living. If only someone could find the special tool that would do the deed.

Continuing forward, you’ll find a new gun, a sniper rifle, and an entrance to the balcony. The sniper rifle will have four bullets already inside. Upon entering the balcony, you’ll find some new, flying enemies. Four to be exact. Take care of these before you continue your journey.

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