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Resident Evil: Every Member Of S.T.A.R.S Alpha Team, Ranked According To Skill

In the early Resident Evil games, a lot of the story revolves around S.T.A.R.S. The Special Tactics and Rescue Service is an elite force of cops that are a part of the Raccoon City Police Department.

They make up two teams: Alpha and Bravo. As not just anyone can join the special division, both squads include some truly talented individuals. Alpha, in particular, is filled with badasses. And they don’t only prove it as part of the team; several of them continue to impress once S.T.A.R.S has been disbanded. But which of them should be considered the most skillful member?

6 Joseph Frost

Little is known about the true abilities of Joseph Frost because the guy dies right at the beginning of the series. During Alpha Team’s search of the Arklay Mountains, he gets attacked by a pack of Cerberus dogs – not exactly one of the franchise’s scariest monsters. He has little time to defend himself before he’s ripped apart.

Perhaps this proves his lack of skill compared to his teammates, who all survive their first encounters with the same monsters. But in his defense, he was caught by surprise. Plus, according to one of the first game’s many remakes, Frost’s job on the team is as a maintenance supervisor, so his skills lie outside of combat. That being said, it’s not clear if he’s good at that job either.

5 Brad Vickers

Like Forst, Brad Vickers is not on the team because of his fighting ability. His job is to be the squad’s pilot. However, the man’s cowardice means he’s not always great in the role, as evidenced when he leaves Alpha Team all alone after finding the remains of Bravo squad. Although, he does eventually come back for his allies. In fact, he saves a few of them from being caught in the mansion explosion.

He does show his combat skills in Resident Evil 3, and it doesn’t go well. One of the things the 2020 remake changes is how Brad’s fighting scenes go. In both versions, he can’t circumvent zombies without being bit. But during the original, you get to see how he fares against Nemesis, and he’s killed immediately.

4 Barry Burton

Barry Burton certainly has experience on his side as he’s older than most of the other team members. He also has an expert knowledge of firearms, which is always helpful in a battle. During the first game, the man helps Jill navigate the monster-filled mansion (even if his reasons for doing so aren’t always the best).

In these instances, it’s clear that Barry knows how to handle himself, and the mere fact he survives the Mansion incident proves he’s no weakling. Although, he isn’t the one who stops the main threats that night. But the same can’t be said for the events of Revelations 2, which take place long after S.T.A.R.S has been disbanded. Throughout that game, he takes down plenty of dangerous creatures while protecting little Natalia.

3 Chris Redfield

A lot has been made about Chris Redfield’s incredible strength in Resident Evil 5. The guy punches a giant boulder, after all. However, he’s no weakling before that, either. Throughout the original game, he can withstand more punishment than Jill – which perhaps makes him the superior character.

However, his most impressive trait is his ability to adapt to whatever infected beast he faces. Many of the monsters he comes up against in the original game, Resident Evil 5, Revelations, and even RE7, are all very distinct with different strengths and weaknesses. Even the series’s most dangerous antagonists aren’t able to stop the man. His most significant kill comes when he finally kills a superpowered Wesker. Although, Sheva Alomar deserves plenty of credit for that victory too.

2 Jill Valentine

While not as physically strong as some of her teammates, Jill’s survivability and ingenuity are second to none. The best example of this comes in her tussles with the Nemesis.

The Tyrant is perhaps the most destructive force the series has ever seen. What’s more, it’s relentless in its pursuit of Miss Valentine. Yet, somehow, the Super Cop manages to get the better of him at virtually every turn. She even manages to kill the seemingly invincible monster in the end. And that’s just one of her many victories against unbelievably terrifying creatures as the woman also kills plenty of powerful beasts during the Mansion incident and the Terragrigia Panic. This is why many regard her as the best character in the series.

1 Albert Wesker

At the start of the series, Wesker is clearly an exceptionally talented individual. Not only is he an expert marksman, but he’s very intelligent too, which is why he’s able to trick the rest of the team. And even though the terrifying villain is behind the Mansion Incident, he still has to navigate the monster-filled building – something only skilled people can accomplish. So, at this point, he’s around the level of Jill and Chris.

Although, his abilities grow exponentially post-S.T.A.R.S due to the viruses in his body. He gains superhuman powers that allow him to dodge bullets and perform incredible feats of strength. Even the combined team of Chris and Jill can’t stop him. Yet, his constant postering means he doesn’t kill as many of his enemies as he probably should. Still, put him up against any other member of Alpha Team, and he wouldn’t lose.

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