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Resident Evil 8 Village Mercenaries: Tips To Get SS Rank And Higher

Resident Evil 8 Village has brought back a classic Resident Evil game mode that was conspicuously absent from Resident Evil 7. Yes, the Mercenaries mode is back, and it brings with it plenty of opportunities to slay hordes of lycan enemies and rack up huge combos and points.

The Mercenaries mode in RE8 Village differs a bit from what you might be used to in other Resident Evil games, but instead of just doing your best to survive and mow down enemies, here you’ll be perfecting the ideal route through any given stage, finding ways to manipulate the AI into doing exactly what you want.

It’s a different type of game, but with the instructions in this guide you will quickly be getting S, SS, and even SSS ranks in RE8’s Mercenaries. Just read through below for everything you need to know.

Play Each Stage Once

This is a simple enough tip, but you should play each stage as you get it, even if you’re more tempted to go back for high scores. You actually have more to gain by taking on each stage as it comes, as even setting just a meagre A rank will give you boosts, and bonus money to start each Mercenaries run with. This makes it easier to upgrade your weapons, and power through the enemies ahead of you.

You Don’t Need Health Items

Mercenaries is no longer a survival, just a pure high-score chaser, and even though you will get a First Aid in between each round, you shouldn’t need it. Most enemies are pretty slow, and if you’re gunning them down and occasionally blocking, you shouldn’t ever actually need to use your First Aid meds. These can be sold for some cash, bringing your closer to getting good weapons early on.

Big Gun Upgrades

Buying the best weapons in the game as early as possible is definitely going to be tempting, but in reality, you should probably aim to upgrade your base weapons. Weapons are expensive, but if you upgrade your base handgun’s firepower, you’ll find it takes enemies down in four shots or less if you aim for the head.

Upgrade the reload speed and ammo capacity in addition to that, and you have a powerful weapon that should never leave you feeling vulnerable. Plus, you will get close to infinite handgun ammo during these trials, whereas your sniper and shotgun ammo is limited. But hey, it can be sold for even more handgun upgrades.

Avoid The Combo Breaker

Clearing through the stage and getting to the goal is minor – seriously, very minor. Your main aim should be combos. After each kill you will be given several seconds in which to get another kill. You can, with some tact, kill every enemy in the stage and get a full combo. If you manage to get a full combo in each round, you’re basically guaranteed to get a SSS rank.

But even without full combos, S and SS ranks are basically only attainable by stringing together the largest combos that you possibly can, so you should try to be tactical. For example, slow enemies might be better off left on low health than dead, so they can follow you and act as a combo saver, should your timer ever start to get low. This is most helpful when running down narrow corridors to grab items and power ups.

Grab The Blue Orbs

There are two kinds of orbs littered around Mercenaries stages, and those are the Blue and Gold orbs. The Gold Orbs will give you a time bonus when slashed, and you will need a little more time to get full combos on each stage, but the Blue Orbs are much more worthwhile.

Blue Orbs will gift you with unique abilities – some of which aren’t even available until you’ve completed all of the stages once, so make sure to do that ASAP. The abilities can give you more health, defence, of attack, and there are also buffs to double your magazine capacity, or make your weapon do much more damage. All of these are invaluable, but you should focus on damage upgrades for your primary weapon, extra ammo capacity, and the ability which makes some dying enemies explode – that’s very helpful.

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