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Resident Evil 8: 7 Hidden Details About Lady Dimitrescu’s Costume

With the newest round of playable demos out for Resident Evil 8, Lady Dimitrescu is back in the spotlight with all of her height and beautiful brutality. Once again we’re faced with the ever-deadly vampires and the lycanthropes of the Village.

With more information and visuals on the antagonists of the upcoming game, the details of the Tall Lady are on display. While all of the answers elude us until the game comes out, examining the thoughtfulness put into Lady Dimitrescu’s character design can help us glean more information about what’s to come.

7 She’s Wearing Heels

Lady Dimitrescu’s height has been the talk of the internet for as long as she’s been revealed as the beloved Tall Lady. Her height has been confirmed as nine-and-a-half feet tall, but whether that includes her heels or not is unknown.

Yes, she’s wearing heels. In the brief glimpses where her dress moves and players can see beneath, she has small black shoes on! You can also hear it in the demos where she chases the player, a telltale clack of heels on a nice floor.

6 1930’s Glam

It’s clear that Lady Dimitrescu’s clothes are inspired by times gone by, but the specifics of the era change depending on where you look at her body. Her dress is one of the most obvious throwbacks.

The long, draped dress that gathers at an empire waistline is indicative of upper-class 1930’s attire — especially when partnered with the long sleeves and the giant black hat.

5 Flowers For Dead Girls

For a deadly undead lady, Lady Dimitrescu sure does have a knack for the gentle things. Flowers decorate the upper left side of her gown and appear to be on her necklace, as well.

In a sick sort of way, this could allude to the vampire winemakers’ affinity for virgin blood in their wine. There’s an old saying that compares virgins to flowers. Perhaps these flowers represent the vampire queen’s relationship with the girls used to make that famous wine.

4 Old Hollywood Meets Old Vampire

Beauty standards change with time, and Lady Dimitrescu has her favorite time period as evidence by her makeup. The bright red lip and dark lashes are popular staples of Old Hollywood, specifically the pre-WW2 era of film.

However, she didn’t take the eyebrows from that time or hers would be incredibly thin and half-drawn, almost cartoony lines. She echoes many famous women of early Hollywood, from Bette Davis to the tragic Elizabeth Short (also known as the Black Dahlia).

3 Pearl Chains

Pearl jewelry has a dense history, but lucky for us, Lady Dimitrescu’s affinity for old Hollywood gives us an idea of where and when these pearls might have been in style. Long chains of pearls like this are known as sautoirs and can measure to 30 inches in length, though this one is on the shorter side.

Pearls were considered a sign of elegance and wealth for their simplistic shine, but the more pearls, the more money you spend to acquire them. Sautoirs are expensive, showing just how long the vampire ladies of the castle have been wealthy enough to enjoy the good things in life.

2 The Pendant Can Be Many Things

The pendant hanging from the Lady’s pearls is hard to discern in the brief moments we have visual on it. Her movement makes it fuzzy, and even in the stills, the symbol it depicts is interpretable.

It could be another flower to follow the flower on her dress. It could also be one of the symbols on the pedestal seen in the recent demos. The Umbrella symbol, a flower, and a stylized sun could all be viable explanations for this strange shape on the end of the pearls.

1 Those Are Some Sketchy Gloves

The claws on the Tall Vampire Lady are one of her most impressive and terrifying features. She wears black gloves all the time and when her claws come out, the gloves are punctured to reveal the blades.

However, we never see the gloves close enough to see if there are puncture holes from the previous whipping-out of the claws. Does she put on a new pair and then destroy them, only to put another pair on? Maybe if we see her fingertips we’ll know.

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