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Resident Evil 7: How To Obtain Every Weapon

At its heart, the Resident Evil franchise is about surviving great horrors. Yet, you don’t always have to run and hide. There’s plenty of weaponry around so you can defend yourself from even the most powerful of monsters. And despite being arguably the scariest entry in the series, Resident Evil 7 is no different in that regard.

Although you don’t start armed to the teeth, you have to obtain much of your arsenal throughout the adventure. Some are simply given to you in cutscenes, but there are others that you have to find yourself. This guide explains how to collect every single weapon in the main game.

Melee Weapons


The Axe is the first weapon you get your hands on in the game. It’s impossible to miss as, during a fight with Mia, the game encourages you to pick it up. Without it, the infected woman would likely kill you easily, and the adventure would already be over. That’s the only battle it’s used for, though, as it disappears after the prologue.

Pocket Knife

Another weapon that is impossible to miss is the Pocket Knife. This handy little tool is given to you by the deputy when he comes to the window early in the game. You’ll likely spend most of the adventure using it as a box-opener rather than a weapon.


One of the most challenging battles in the story occurs in the Morgue against Jack. However, it would be even trickier if you didn’t have the Chainsaw.

You can pick up the tool when Jack goes to collect his scissor weapon. Simply squeeze beside him, and take the weapon out of the carcass laying there. After the battle with Jack is over, the Chainsaw will be destroyed while opening the next door.

Survival Knife

During the Mia section of the game, it’s possible to collect things that’ll appear in Ethan’s item box later. For example, the Survival Knife.

To find it as Mia, you have to wait until you head down to the second floor of the Wrecked Ship. Once there, it’ll be in the main corridor under the “2F” sign, stuck in an upside-down bench. That is unless you’re playing on Madhouse difficulty, then it’ll be on the ship’s first floor in the Recreation Room (top right of the map).


Late in the game, you’ll be tasked with choosing between Mia and Zoe, which will alter how the rest of the game plays out. If you select Zoe, you’ll get to use a Crowbar as a weapon, albeit only for a short period.

In this scenario, once Mia frees Ethan from capture, the two of you will fight. When the battle begins, back up a bit and look to your left, you’ll see the weapon on the floor.

Circular Saw

It’s impossible to find the Circular Saw during your first playthrough. Instead, you need to beat the game in under four hours. Once you do, it’ll be in your item box for future playthroughs. While unlocking the tool sounds a little difficult, it’s worth it, as the weapon is among the best in the series.


M19 Handgun

In the prologue, the M19 Handgun is in the attic of the Guest House. After Mia has attacked you with a chainsaw, you can head up there. At the top of the attic stairs, there’s a room on your right, inside is the firearm in question.

Unfortunately, the pistol is taken away after the prologue. To get it back, you need to fix the Broken Handgun using a repair kit. On easy and normal, the damaged weapon is in the Trailer on the bed. Whereas on Madhouse, it’s on the second floor of the Old House in the Potting Room.

G17 Handgun

After the prologue, the G17 is the first gun you acquire. You can pick it up right after the Deputy is killed in the garage. It will be laid on the floor next to a streak of blood and behind Jack.

MPM Handgun

Another weapon that’s a part of the Mia section of the game is the MPM Handgun. On easy and normal, it’s located on the first floor of the Wrecked Ship, in the Maintenance Room (bottom left corner of the map). It’s easy to find when you’re in the room as a dead body is gripping the draw you need to open.

For those playing on the Madhouse setting, the gun is still on the ship. But instead of the Maintenance Room, it’s in the Sick Bay on the third floor (between the Shower Room and a small corridor). It’s laid on top of a desk.


There’s plenty of interesting things fans should know about the Umbrella Corporation, but one of the most important is that they make powerful weapons. One of their best is the Albert-01, which you use during the final moments of the game. Then in future playthroughs, a different version named Albert-01R will be in your item box.

Shotguns And Machine Gun

M37 Shotgun

Getting the M37 Shotgun takes a bit more ingenuity than most of the other weapons in the game. From the start, it’s being held by a statue in the Display Room of the Main House. To retrieve the gun without being trapped, you need to replace it with something of similar size and weight.

Luckily, there’s a Broken Shotgun in Grandma’s Room on the second floor. However, you’ll need the scorpion key to get inside. The key is located in the processing area on easy and normal, and in a birdcage on Madhouse. Once you’ve got the damaged weapon, simply swap it for the M37.

M21 Shotgun

You get the M21 Shotgun by repairing the broken one found in Grandma’s room. If you’ve used the damaged weapon to get the M37, you can still retrieve it and keep the other shotgun.

All you have to do is grab the Model Shotgun from the attic in the child’s room. Or if you’re on Madhouse difficulty, you can get the item from the Dissection Room in the Processing Area. Once you have the model, put it in the statue’s hands.

P19 Machine Gun

The only machine gun in the game is acquirable while playing as Mia. First, though, you need to fetch the Captain’s Cabin Locker Key. It’s in the Bunk Room on the second floor of the Wrecked Ship. The locker itself is almost directly two floors up in the Captain’s Cabin. It’s only a small room, so the desired cabinet isn’t hard to find; just open it to retrieve the gun.

Power Weapons


Not only do you need to build the Burner (aka the flamethrower) yourself, but you first need to find the parts. The grip is inside a trash can on the back porch of the Old House. Just go through the Gallery to get there.

As for the nozzle, you can also find that at the Old House in the Water Station. To reach the place, go through the kitchen and turn right on the walkway. Once you’ve got both parts, combine them in your inventory.

44 MAG

Even the most skilled protagonists in the series have needed to use a magnum at times. And in RE7, you have to spend some antique coins to get one. Insert the in-game currency into the right birdcage in the Trailer to purchase the powerful gun. It costs nine coins in total.

Grenade Launcher

With all of the boss fights in the game, you sometimes need more explosive power. Thankfully the Grenade Launcher exists. You can pick it up from the supply room on the first floor of the Main House.

However, you’ll only be able to get inside once you’ve got the crow key. You’ll pick up the slightly disgusting item while advancing in the story. On Madhouse difficulty, the weapon is easier to collect as it’s just sitting inside the Trailer.

Remote Bomb

The Remote Bombs are consumable items that appear late in the game. You can find them in various locations, such as the Store Room of the Wrecked Ship and at the Crossroads of the Salt Mine. They pack a punch and help light up what are some of the more visually uninteresting areas of the series.

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