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Resident Evil 3: How To Solve The Subway Puzzle

Compared to earlier games in the franchise, Resident Evil 3 is light on puzzles. This was true during its original PS1 release and was only doubled down on for the 2020 remake. Resident Evil 3 as reimagined places more emphasis on combat, greatly downplaying how much exploration is actually present throughout the story past the midway point. That said, this isn’t to say Resident Evil 3 is completely devoid of puzzles. While the remake has different priorities than the PlayStation original, RE3 (2020) knows series veterans are expecting some brain teasers.

Resident Evil 3’s puzzles aren’t particularly difficult, but they can be roadblocks in what’s ostensibly a third person action game. Near the end of her time in Raccoon City, Jill has to cut through Kite Bros. Railway to get the Subway Station backup and running. The puzzle itself offers one of Resident Evil 3’s rare moments of respite, but getting there is easier said than done. Following Jill’s fight with the Drain Deimos, players will need to navigate around Nemesis as they make their way to the subway puzzle.

Escaping Nemesis

Unlike in the original Resident Evil 3 where Nemesis almost immediately starts pursuing Jill, the remake tries to build up to the first encounter. It isn’t until after the Drain Deimos boss fight that Jill finally comes face to face with Nemesis properly. While exiting the Substation, Nemesis will break through a nearby building and start following after Jill. Quickly dodge Nemesis’ attacks and follow the alleyway forward.

If you put enough distance between you and Nemesis, he’ll leap right in front of Jill. Either shoot the electrical generator right in front to down him or drop a Grenade. Make sure to pick up the Supply Case before moving on. Nemesis should be immobile long enough for Jill to buy some time until you get to the rooftops. Keep in mind that new zombies will have spawned in Raccoon City since you entered the Substation, however, so be ready to shoot anything in your path.

From the Garage, exit into the alleyway and climb up the ladder connected to the rooftops (if you haven’t unlocked this shortcut, you’ll need to walk to the staircase by Moon’s Donuts). Nemesis should catch up to Jill by now, so have a Grenade ready to drop him in his tracks. Make sure to pick up the next Supply Case and book it up towards the Railway Building. Nemesis should be down long enough where you won’t run into him again.

Solving The Subway Puzzle

Once inside the Subway Office, Jill will be able to activate a panel that lets her run power back to the Subway Station. Before she can do so, however, she needs to properly chart a route. You’ll need to edit each stop’s destination on the panel by cross referencing a nearby map’s initials with their tracks. The solution ends up being:

  • RE:01
  • FA:02
  • RA:03
  • SA:02
  • FO:01

Upon inputting the correct route, power will be restored to the Subway Station and Jill will finally be able to leave Raccoon City. As you’re leaving the Subway Office, a Parasite Zombie will ambush Jill, so be prepared to fight. More importantly, exiting the Railway Building spawns Nemesis one more and he won’t let up until Jill leaves town.

Into The Sewers

After exiting the Railway Building, head into Moon’s Donuts and save at the safe room. Once you exit the front doors, Nemesis will be triggered and start coming after Jill. Make sure to dodge his first strike and drop a Grenade to down him. If you don’t have any Grenades, lure Nemesis to the electrical generator and take him out there.

With Nemesis down, run up the fire escape and cut through the rooftops to get to the Subway Station faster. Nemesis should be back on Jill’s trail by now, but Carlos shouldn’t be too far out of reach. Once you make it into the Subway Station, Jill will break off from Carlos to buy him some time. Nemesis will start pursuing you again, but this time in a tight space.

If you don’t have any Grenades, be ready to dodge most of his attacks. The key here is to down Nemesis at least once so Jill has enough time to break off a grate leading into the Sewers. On the way to the grate, players can run into an electrical generator and a gas tank that can be exploded, so be ready to use the environment to Jill’s advantage. As soon as Nemesis is downed, open the grate and dive into the Sewers.

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