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Resident Evil 3: Everything You Can Unlock With The Lockpick

Jill Valentine isn’t the “Master of Unlocking” for nothing. The original Resident Evil had Jill equipped with a Lockpick that allowed her to sequence break most of the Arklay Mansion from the get-go. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis brought the Lockpick back, but the linear nature of the game meant Jill wasn’t using it too often. This has changed in the Resident Evil 3 remake, where players are advised to hold onto Jill’s Lockpick for as long as they can.

Even though Jill doesn’t start out with the lock back in Resident Evil 3 (2020), it’s still her signature tool throughout the game and gets plenty of use. Players will find the Lockpick as part of RE3’s story, but there are several optional padlocks hidden across the game that offer ammo, healing items, and even useful items.

Getting The Lockpick

Resident Evil 3’s Lockpick can be found in the Outdoor Area connected to the Subway Power Substation. Jill can access the Subway Power Substation after finding the Bolt Cutters in the Garage and bypassing the two zombified dogs guarding the Substation. Once inside the building, there will be three zombies stumbling around – two on ground level and the third coming down nearby stairs.

Once the zombies are dead, walk up the stairs into the Control Room, rearrange Jill’s inventory at the Item Box if necessary, and exit down into the Outdoor Area. Run all the way down the path to see a dead body clutching a Case. Approach the body and Jill will place the Case into her inventory, which you can examine to find the Lockpick hiding inside.

Substation Padlocks

There are two padlocks in Jill’s immediate vicinity she can use the Lockpick on. The first padlock is actually right here in the Outdoor Area, but unlocking the door triggers a Drain Deimos that infects Jill. Make sure you have at least one Green Herb on hand before unlocking the gate into the Power Maze.

The next padlock can be found inside the Substation itself. Cut through the Control Room and take the stairs back down to the Maintenance Room. Head straight to the lockers and use the Lockpick to nab Jill some extra Handgun Ammo.

Downtown Padlocks

Besides the two in the Substation, there are several padlocks Jill can unlock after finding the Lockpick. Enter the Garage you cut through to get to the Substation and there will be a locker housing a First Aid Kit in the tool shop. Exit the Garage and head back to the Main Street to unlock Toy Uncle’s front door. Inside, you’ll find a Fancy Box with the Green Jewel hidden along with a Charlie Doll.

Jill can return to the Subway Ticket Gate safe room to unlock the Supply Crate for some Shotgun Shells. Moon’s Donuts also has a locker by its safe room, sporting a handy Hand Grenade inside. Raccoon City’s last few padlocks can be found in the Subway Office. In the same room where the Shotgun is locked up, Jill can open a locker for a First Aid Kit. In the room with the subway puzzle, there’s a weapon case Shotgun Shells inside.

Sewer Padlock

There’s only one padlock in the Sewers and it’s difficult to miss considering it’s in the same room as the Battery Pack, which is necessary for progression. After bypassing the Hunter Gammas in the Sewers, head to the Laboratory and use the Lockpick to nab Jill an Explosive A for ammo crafting.

Keep in mind that if you left your Lockpick in the Item Box, you’ll need to backtrack to a safe room. If you end up picking up the Battery Pack before backtracking, even more Hunter Gammas will spawn in the Sewers – so either be prepared for a fight or make sure Jill already has the Lockpick in her inventory by the time you reach the Laboratory.

Raccoon City Revisited Padlock

After escaping the Sewers and defeating Flamethrower Nemesis, Jill finds herself back in Raccoon City one last time. Players won’t be able to explore most of Downtown like before, but there are some new streets to plunder, including a residential home with a weapon case inside. After passing through Kendo’s alleyway, kill the parasite zombie on the first floor of the home and head upstairs. On a nightstand by the bed is a weapons case with Explosive Rounds waiting to be picked up.

Hospital Padlocks

The only padlocks left are in the Hospital, Resident Evil 3’s penultimate area. The first half of the Hospital is played through as Carlos, with the second left up to Jill. Worth keeping in mind that the Hospital is actually entirely optional as Jill and you can unlock the door to the final area – NEST-2 – immediately. From the Makeshift Sickroom, head to Reception and unlock the Back Stairwell.

Past Reception, enter the Main Corridor and keep left to find a weapons case with Magnum Ammo inside. The next padlock can be found in the Emergency Entrance, but there will be multiple zombies ready to ambush Jill so don’t run in blindly. Once all the zombies are killed, unlock the locker for some Explosive Rounds.

The last two padlocks can be found on the upper floor of the hospital. If Jill heads to the Staff Room, she can unlock a locker with Shotgun Shells inside. Similarly, there’s a locker with Magnum Rounds in the Linen Room. Wherever players go, be prepared for some combat as the Hospital will be teeming with new enemies, along with anything Carlos left alive.

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