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Replay – Dead Space 3

Twas the Replay before Halloween, and all through the house, the Necromorphs were waiting, just ready to pounce. As we found out last week, the Dead Space series still holds up for its chilling jump scares and its ridiculously precise gunplay. But do those same sentiments still hold true for the third entry in Visceral Games’ horror series?

Join Andrew Reiner, Ben Reeves, Blake Hester, and me as we answer those questions and save the universe from the grotesque nightmares that are the Necromorphs in Dead Space 3! 

We’ll be going live at 2 p.m. CT, so be sure to end your week the right way and join us in the chat! If you can’t get enough of our live shows, remember to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live each week!

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