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Reject Evolution In This Christian Pokemon Playthrough

Pokemon fans keep coming up with new and interesting ways to play their favourite games. For a long time, Nuzlockes have been the go-to challenge run, but many YouTubers have found success doing solo runs or racing different 'mons against each other. Well, a new challenger has emerged, the Christian playthrough.

Twitter user CrungleBungles shared the ruleset for their first ever Pokemon Crystal playthrough, and it's unique. It doesn't appear to be a Nuzlocke, but it's a challenge run all the same.

The rules are as follows: no evolving Pokemon, must be level 18 before they can breed, can never leave two same-sex 'mons in the daycare together, can't use snake Pokemon or Dark, Ghost, Psychic, or Dragon-type moves or 'mons, no fossil Pokemon, gambling, or narcotics, and you have to battle and faint all the false gods – I mean legendary Pokemon. The challenge is for Crystal, but if it were Gen 6 or later I'm pretty sure Fairy-types would also be banned.

The rules are fairly self-explanatory. They all allude to various Christian beliefs like creationism, sex for procreation, and a fear of dragons, I guess? That last one has me stumped. Still, it looks like a fun challenge. A Nuzlocke version of it would be very interesting to see.

Crungle documented the first several gyms of their playthrough. They named their starter Adam, their next Pokemon Eve, and also caught a Geodude named Joseph. Oh, and they named their rival Lucifer, for obvious reasons.

They named their Togepi Jesus, and like the man himself, its Metronome proved miraculous, calling forth a Solarbeam at the perfect moment and striking down a sinful Poliwhirl. I'm not sure if Pokemon can actually be sinful. Surely they're like animals in that regard? Are the more intelligent or human ones born with original sin?

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