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Redditor Shows How Color Blindness Makes Among Us Harder

When you type “Red is sus” in Among Us, you might inadvertently be making it more difficult for another player to vote. A redditor posted a helpful chart that shows how different types of color blindess could interpret the game’s colors, and it’s a great reminder to stick to player names.

Reddit user PieCreeper posted the chart to both the Among Us and Colorblind subreddits. It starts with a “normal vision” version that lines up all the possible player avatar colors. It then filters them through different types of color blindness using the Coblis simulator. The result shows just how easy it is for reds to become browns and blues to get mixed up with purples.

While the chart is interesting, it also highlights a problem with Among Us: there’s no color blind options. We can only hope that PieCreeper’s chart will spread and get players to start referring to each other by name. “Cakelicker72 is sus” doesn’t have the same memeability to it, but it would be more helpful to color blind players.

Gaming has been making great strides recently to be more accessible. The Last of Us Part II has a host of options, and The Game Awards is adding a category for accessibility. Seeing as industry leaders are recognizing the need, we can only hope more games take the time to put in more options.

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