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Redditor Manages To Run Skyrim On A Tiny Keyboard Screen

We’ve all seen boredom do wonderful and terrible things to our creativity, but that shouldn’t stop us from pursuing feats that no-one else would dare to conquer. If you’ve ever wanted to see what The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim would look like on the smallest screen imaginable, then this Redditor has you covered.

Mr_Murdoc showed off his glowing SteelSeries Apex 7 TKL keyboard in a short video posted on Reddit, but the real show lay in the keyboard’s built-in OLED display. Typically used to display functions or, at a push, videos and gifs, Mr_Murdoc used its minuscule display to run the epic and expansive Skyrim. Clearly showing the title, the painfully low resolution then showcased the game’s opening sequence, dotting the Helgen prisoner arrival with Ralof, Lokir and Ulfric Stormcloak.

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Admirers of Mr_Murdoc’s work compared the low resolution display to a recent Skyrim run on a pregnancy test, who also called for Bethesda to build a Nokia port of the RPG. Another Redditor delivered a humorous statement conveying their disappointment towards the game not being run on the keyboard backlighting. A full Let’s Play was also petitioned, while others called out the Redditor’s penchant for testing innovative, but pointless creations that, nevertheless, pull in a certain amount of amazement from onlookers.

Mr_Murdoc assured the thread that the display was not a gif of Skyrim’s opening sequence, but a genuine, fully-running game that could be played if one desired. Pointed out by another Redditor, this feat could be achieved by using the program SteelSeries Engine 3, designed for the keyboard to mirror the monitor that the game is running on. By emulating the monitor that shows the Skyrim we know, its display is also cast onto the keyboard’s OLED. This could commence a series of challenging Let’s Play, where gamers play titles with vast environments to see if they can still navigate through the keyboard display.

Instant fans of Mr_Murdoc’s ingenuity called for the next display to showcase Doom, to take this idea to the point of no return. In the meantime, Redditors of the thread banded together to commission a toaster port of Skyrim, where every farm would be burned onto each slice of toast.

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