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Redditor Discovers VALORANT Sage Trick to Block Ascent’s Door Levers

A Redditor has discovered a handy trick to prevent enemies from closing you out of Ascent’s bombsites. Reddit user awesumsauce13 took to the VALORANT Subreddit to report their findings with a video demonstrating how to perform the trick.

The ability is easily executed, as Sage players need only to build the agent’s wall partly over the door switches. This is shown on the A bombsite, where the door lever is fixed on a wall. This trick may be more difficult to execute on B site, as the switch is located on a table. Blocking the switches will prevent enemies from closing the doors until the wall has either broken down itself, or its been shot down. That delay may give you more time and openings to retake the site and win the round.

The trick could also be useful on the attacking side, preventing the defenders from closing you and your teammates out of the site. You’ll want to make sure the wall has been shot down after you take the site, though, so you can quickly close out any retaking defenders.

While Sage used to be one of the most popular agents in VALORANT, her pick rate has been severely lowered after a number of heavy nerfs. Her wall, which costs 400 credits at the start of a round, remains an incredibly useful ability in matches.

Combined with some of Sage’s other abilities, or another agent’s, this trick could win you some rounds in your next game.

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