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Red Hood Shoots Souls In Latest Gotham Knights Trailer

Of all the Gotham Knights, none lives as tortured a life as Red Hood, aka Jason Todd. A former Robin who was killed by the Joker before being brought back to life, Todd’s brush with death left him forever changed. For starters, he lost a lot of empathy for the criminals that would do harm to Gotham City’s citizens. Secondly, he also gained strange ghostly powers.

You can see those powers on full display in the latest Gotham Knights trailer, which focuses exclusively on Red Hood. Armed with twin pistols, Red Hood has no problem with blasting gang members from a distance or getting up close and personal to throw in a few punches and kicks between trigger pulls. It’s clear that Todd will have a much more efficient, even brutal combat technique compared to the other Knights.

He also possesses some strange otherworldly powers. Imbuing his gun with green energy, Red Hood can fire a soul shot that ricochets from enemy to enemy. His Soul Leap ability allows Red Hood to summon green platforms to jump from. He can also summon explosives to lay at the feet of baddies before leaping away.

All of this is apparently "non-lethal," as described in a previous gameplay trailer. That means those bullets are made of rubber and that the explosions are just for show. I guess those soul-rending green ghosts just tickle opponents into unconsciousness or something. It’s hard for Red Hood to maintain his edgy persona while not killing anyone, but he somehow seems to manage.

In another recent trailer, we got to see why everyone’s always talking about Dick Grayson’s ass. In a clip from the game, Barbara Gordon accused Nightwing of always checking out his own ass in the mirror every chance he gets. See? It’s not just us. Even Grayson himself is concerned with his butts behavior.

Gotham Knights arrives on October 25 for current-gen consoles and PC. Pre-order now and 233 Kustom Batcycle skin for your trouble.

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