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Red Dead Redemption 2: Where To Find Every Rock Carving

Released in 2018, Red Dead Redemption 2 is still a fan favorite that keeps fans coming back for more. With over 50 achievements to collect and around 80 missions: there’s plenty to keep players busy. From gunslinging adventures, Legendary animal hunts/kills to scavenger hunts across the impressive game map there’s enough to keep anyone returning to the fictitious Wild West.

One of these missions is the Geology For Beginners. The mission is kicked off by talking to Frances Sinclair outside of his cabin (just west of Strawberry). He’ll ask you to locate the ten different rock carvings around the RDR2 map. Locating these will earn you a nice bundle of rewards; from a bottle of Kentucky Bourbon to an invitation to Sinclair’s cabin. Following through on this visit gets you the Old Brass Compass required to make the Raven Claw Talisman. It might involve a lot of travelling around the map but, other than giving players a chance to explore, it provides plenty of opportunity to work on Arthur’s attributes as an added bonus. All in all, it’s a mission well worth doing—especially if you’re looking to get the 100% game completion achievement.

New Hanover: Flatneck Station

This rock carving can be found on a cliffside, just Northwest of Flatneck Station in Heartlands, New Hanover—New Hanover is home to quite a few hidden locations, like the Aberdeen Pig Farm, and it homes a fair few of the required rock carvings. If you keep traveling along this direction, you’ll eventually come to a cliffside. You may have to wander along the edge but, once you can see a burnt-out old settlement, you should be on the right track. The rock carving is etched into the side of one of the cliff walls and is relatively easy to locate.

New Hanover: Bacchus Station

This carving can be found in Cumberland Forest, just South West of the ‘B’ in Bacchus Station. Traveling in this direction will eventually bring players to a large cliff facing the River. The etching is tucked in from the highest point of the cliff, so the best thing to do is travel to the top. Once there, players want to locate a narrow path just below the high point and follow it along; eventually, you’ll be able to see this carving that is just above the river below.

New Hanover: Roanoke Ridge

The best way to get to this carving is to make sure you know where Deer Cottage is (a small cabin that can be found just to the West of the ‘N’ in Roanoke Ridge.) Once that’s located, players want to begin traveling directly East. It doesn’t take long before a large rock wall can be seen; traveling up to the second level bring you to this rock carving etched into the side of the ridge.

New Hanover: Cumberland Forest

A little more hidden, this rock carving can be found in Cumberland Forest of New Hanover. Travel North-West of the ‘C’ in Cumberland Forest and head towards the Dakota River. Once you can see a large rock wall, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

This one takes a little maneuvering, through a narrow path that will lead you towards the river; you should be able to look down from the ridge and see a small rope bridge across and once you see that, you’ll know you’re in the right place. This etching is carved into the side of the cliff just in front of you.

New Hanover: Elysian Pool

Found on the Eastern shores of the Elysian Pool by Roanoke Ridge, New Hanover. Make sure you travel to the Elysian Pool and find the small bridge located in the Southeastern corner; once you’ve crossed over it, begin to head north towards the rock ledge protruding from the ground. From where players stand, the etching should be above carved into the side of a rock ledge.

West Grizzlies: Mount Hagen

This blimp-looking rock carving is located at the highest peak of Mount Hagen in the West Grizzlies region of the map. To locate this one, simply travel up Mount Hagen as far as you can go and locate the cabin at the top of the mountain. Once located, all you’ll need to do is travel just around the corner and you’ll find this carving etched into the side of the mountain.

West Grizzlies: Whinyard Strait

This is nestled in between a few points, by Whinyard Straight in the West Grizzlies of Ambarino (which players might recognize from tracking down the Legendary Bear). The easiest way to get there is to head north from the Whinyard Strait bridge until you find the rock ledge. Following this along will lead you to this rock carving, etched into the second level of the ledge. Not too hard to find but definitely easy to miss if you’re not keeping your eyes peeled!

West Elizabeth: Owanjila Lake

Players can find this rock carving located on the Southwest shore of Owanjila lake, one of the best places for fishing, in West Elizabeth. The easiest and fastest way to locate this carving is to, as mentioned before, travel slightly South-West of the ‘O’ in Owanjila on the map. Along the shoreline, there’ll be some large rocks and this rock carving is etched into one of the larger rocks that decorate the shoreline.

West Elizabeth: Mount Shann

This rock carving looks distinctly like a DNA spiral and can be found near the peak of Mount Shann. Located in the West Elizabeth region, the best way to reach this carving is to travel East of the ‘T’ in West Elizabeth. Players will eventually reach another cliffside—once you can look out at the forest below and can see a wooden cabin, you’ll know you’re in the right place.

Players will have to follow a path but keep a sharp eye on the rock walls above, as this one is etched into the side above you.

Grizzlies East: Ambarino

Again, etched into the side of a mountain, this one requires you to venture into the Grizzlies East region of the map. Once there, you’ll want to travel directly south of the second ‘n’ in Moonstone Pond on the map. Eventually, you’ll come to a cliffside that looks out over Heartland Overflow. From there, travel down the different platforms, and on the platform closest to the ground there’ll be a rock wall: the etching is on the side of this.

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