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Red Dead Redemption 2 Fan Is Turning It Into A Novel For His Mum

It's starting to feel like every video game is being turned into a show or a movie. Red Dead Redemption 2 hasn't made the cut yet though, which is why one of its dedicated players has taken the job on themselves. However, they're not turning the sequel into a TV show, they're turning it into a book.

WockySlush722 revealed on Reddit (thanks, PCGamesN) that they're in the process of transforming Red Dead Redemption 2's story into a novel. They were inspired to take on the project after wishing their mum could experience the game without having to actually play it. Many reading this will have tried to convince a non-gamer to play a game they love to no avail.

WockySlush has taken that desire to the next level and is in the process of turning one of their favorite games into a book. They've even posted the first few pages on Reddit via a Google Doc and asked for feedback from fellow Red Dead fans. So far the replies from those who have read what they've written are just praise for doing something so thoughtful for their mum.

The Red Dead novelist hasn't explained how exactly they have been tackling the project. Whether it's a case of playing through the game a bit at a time and then converting it into the written word, or they have played it so much that they remember it well enough to write it from memory. It's also unclear whether they will be updating the Google Doc as they go. Hopefully that's the case so fellow fans of the Rockstar game can read as it grows and make suggestions.

Red Dead Online has been in the headlines quite a bit this year. Firstly after Rockstar confirmed the game won't be getting any more major content updates, and more recently due to the Stadia situation. Rockstar confirmed players will be able to transfer their accounts to a new platform in preparation for Stadia shutting down. However, anyone who didn't play during the 30-day period prior to Google's announcement will not be granted that transfer opportunity.

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